Back to school is here. Some schools have started, others readied themselves for a new school year. School includes many in our communities. Students, teachers, staff and support staff. It takes more than a train to run a school.
I love to hear about and be a part of the prayer groups that faithfully work around the school year to support our schools. The daily lily has a prayer box, Lily Prayer Points, that we place prayers in for weekly prayers. I would like to expand and be a part of prayer groups and help others connect to be a part of a their local prayer groups.
If you have a group or are a part of a group and would like to share here and invite others to be a part of your group we would like to be a point of connection to help groups grow and thrive. Tell us about your group and how others can be a part.
Prayers and Hope for the new school year.  Let’s watch and be a part of our Lily Prayer Points as the Lily opens each morning with Lily Prayer. Visit often. Offer a prayer, a thought, and give hope to All! Share about a job opening, an opportunity for others, or other news that might spar another into action.
Share your prayer group and contact info with one and another and another!
“one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all” (Eph.4:6)