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Back to school is here. Some schools have started, others readied themselves for a new school year. School includes many in our communities. Students, teachers, staff and support staff. It takes more than a train to run a school.
I love to hear about and be a part of the prayer groups that faithfully work around the school year to support our schools. The daily lily has a prayer box, Lily Prayer Points, that we place prayers in for weekly prayers. I would like to expand and be a part of prayer groups and help others connect to be a part of a their local prayer groups.
If you have a group or are a part of a group and would like to share here and invite others to be a part of your group we would like to be a point of connection to help groups grow and thrive. Tell us about your group and how others can be a part.
Prayers and Hope for the new school year.  Let’s watch and be a part of our Lily Prayer Points as the Lily opens each morning with Lily Prayer. Visit often. Offer a prayer, a thought, and give hope to All! Share about a job opening, an opportunity for others, or other news that might spar another into action.
Share your prayer group and contact info with one and another and another!
“one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all” (Eph.4:6)

21 thoughts on “Lily Prayer Points

  1. Sara, this is a Good News blog for those of us who want our groups to connect in prayer. Our prayer group @ Bonnie Brae was a thriving one with several staff members who agreed to pray before school on Mondays. But the “industry” has taken a toll on ‘agreements’ over commitments. Many have dropped out of the group mostly for reasons beyond their control; early morning meetings before school; child care, etc. etc. etc. It takes a LOT of commitment to show up every Monday morning…early…before school to join in prayer for fifteen or so minutes.
    But this blog encourages me for a new school year. Polly and I (core group) do invite with excitement teachers and staff and support groups in our building and school community to stop in before school on Monday mornings to pray for our children/students, staff and the community where our children are nurtured.
    As we are being instructed in our church services at CCI…that prayer with LOVE can bring forth great things form the Lord.
    Those who are fortunate enough to be a part of our school are invited to come and be blessed and be a blessing to our school and community and see what God will do for our children/students.

    1. MG, is this for parents as well? When is the start date? The exact location in the school? And, the exact time for others to be there? Whom should they contact and how is the best way to contact them?

      I believe this Prayer Point is Fairfax, Virginia! Go Fairfax!

  2. Hey guys; BTW, we don’t have to have “Lily Prayer Points” just in schools to pray for our schools, families and Nation, etc. I see and hear about people going to swim clubs, work-outs, daily walks, etc. I even saw ones going in for their paid therapy so they could strengthen their legs and arms, etc. Let us know if you know of any prayer groups in these venues that would like to network with others in prayer.

    All these places sound great if they fit your needs or desires. But, if you find prayer groups that want to network just have them post or comment here and let’s see how many points we can find. Hey, can you just see a closed Lily and then an open face with other Lilies popping forth?

  3. sara, to respond to your queries, up to this point it has just been staff embers praying for that was the original intent for which we gained permission; perhaps for confidentiality purposes. However, I can inquire about inviting praying community (parent) members into our group. I would have to see what that would entail and how we would not violate any privacy situations, etc. At this point it has been the staff that is privy to general info. about students/school situations, etc. But general community intercession would be a fabulous tool to use in the behalf of our children/students.

  4. Sara asks, “Hey, can you just see a closed Lily and then an open face with other Lilies popping forth?” Yes. And only when it opens can the busy bees network to gather nectar and cross-pollinate. May there be many busy bees that come to Lily Prayer Points.

  5. Moms gathered at my boys’ school (Lawrence Academy), last year to pray. We met on Tuesday mornings, for one hour (8:15 – 9:15am) to pray for the school, children, teachers, etc. We were a part of an international group, moms in prayer international. “Moms in prayer international is a prayer ministry that brings moms together to pray for children and schools in more than 140 countries. Our vision is that every school in the world will be covered in prayer.” For more information about this, you can visit I am awaiting to hear about our prayer group, for the upcoming year.

      1. I praise God with you Tammy. And, I pray for your school and the vision that all schools will be covered in prayer. Thank you for going and being faithful!

  6. TH.. I love the mission of MOMS. My friend Polly also belongs to MOMS and gives
    TH, my friend Polly, prayer partner at my school, also is a member of MOMS and gives me updates, etc. With the upcoming school year (many schools are already geared up to start next week) we will be needing….as you so aptly put above…to cover global youth with prayer and the precious blood of Jesus. We believe that our prayers for our school have made a difference in the individual students that we pray for who have various needs.
    May MOMS prosper and be in God’s divine will with their prayers this coming year, in Jesus’ Name.

  7. Thanks, Tammy, for the very informative info. A great website and so easy to follow and not worry about all those issues of MGs situation. Let’s pray for other seekers to get this info and become involved.

    Glad you had a great vacation. But, happy to see you back!

  8. A prayer group will be starting to meet on Wednesday morning from 7-7:25 beginning September 5 at Monroe Technology Center, Leesburg, VA. The purpose of this prayer time will be to pray for the MTC students, staff, the school and our nation. We hope this will grow with many staff and others interested in praying for this purpose participating. The meeting will take place in the Horticulture Department classroom.

    1. So happy to hear about another prayer group. It sure is encouraging to hear about groups praying together on a steady basis. Now we can pray for one another’s prayer groups. God loves unity….Good News and we all love good news….

      1. The prayer group at MTC began this am with two persons meeting. Others were unable to attend this am but hope to make it next week or when they can.

  9. Have any of you that are holding prayer groups thought of including others into your group via face time. Our computers are great sources to connect. Maybe retired teachers or others that are in a different location but have passion for your school or schools and would like to join as all make good use of their computers. I know I so enjoy and appreciate those that I face time with from many parts of the world.

  10. Sara, that is a good idea on computers. In the last STEM course I took we used them in my group for the group project. One teacher had a web conferencing program from her school on her computer so she invited the other two of us to join for group project discussion. It was audio only/could hear each other live and talk back and forth and it worked well.

    1. Great idea for the now, Debi! There are just such wonderful creative ways we can join our voices and hearts and faces in prayer. We face time to see kids, dogs, and cats in action with lots of joy doing it. Let’s pray together on face time and enjoy and see benefits from our shared time face to face.
      MG, told me she had a Christian friend that missed seeing some of your faces on our page. Maybe she would like to link up with MG and her prayer group as she is a retired teacher from MG’s school. So easy to do. Midge, the retired teacher must have understanding of this as she is giving MG some input on this site. I hope she will catch the spirit of our sight and start to work along with us. We could sure use people with computer knowledge to volunteer and help the ones that aren’t so knowledgeable on using this site.

      Our prayer and goal is “Thy Kingdom come to earth as it is in heaven,…”

  11. I join with Tammy and Sara in praising God for the attendence at Tammy’s school prayer meeting and pray it will continue to grow in participation and effectiveness.

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