6 thoughts on “Chris Mar/Spree Conference/Dublin

  1. Really impressive Chris! Love the poster and coordinated shirt with logo. Best to you and Spree throughout the conference.

  2. Chris, your excellent work makes a way for you and the favor and grace of God goes with you wherever you go to address others. It shows in your demeanor and in your creative inventions.
    Blessings for success and your celebrated causes.

  3. Hey guys, do you know of others wanting a start up online store. If so, send them to Spree Commerce. I think we have spoken about this on Debi’s blog showing her bracelet she got from one of the Spree online stores. Let’s try and make some connections for ones that are looking to have an online store.

    I have thought about how I so wanted my own little shop for years. Well, I think I may be passed that stage but WHOA if someone would of told me about internet stores I would have been a happy lady. Let’s help one another. Let’s help others.

  4. Spree Commerce is a new start up company and has great resources to help start online stores. Check them out if you need an online store!!!!

  5. Thanks to Chris and his company for thinking of such an innovative idea. It sure gives a new aspiring, and creative business a showcase for the world to view. A business will quickly see if they have hit their sweet spot or not.

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