I am excited to share that on Thursday, September 13, 2012, we will have the kickoff, for our local woman’s Bible study, in Edenton, North Carolina. Mrs. Erilynne Barnum, of “Call2Discipleship” Ministries will be here to share God’s Word. She will be sharing in a morning and evening session, like a “mini” retreat! Men are encouraged to join their wives, at the evening session. It is my understanding, from the planning that the decorations may include several tablecloths tied/sown together, leading to the foot of a cross. Signifying that although we come from different churches and all walks of life, the ground is LEVEL, at the foot of the cross! What an exciting time! Won’t you join us?

Where: Edenton Baptist Church Fellowship Hall
200 S Granville St.
Edenton, NC
When: 10am and 7pm

If you would like to come to the 10 am session, there will be a catered lunch, for $10.00, if you would like to have lunch together. Hope to see you there,

Tammy Holton