Edenton Bible Study

I am excited to share that on Thursday, September 13, 2012, we will have the kickoff, for our local woman’s Bible study, in Edenton, North Carolina. Mrs. Erilynne Barnum, of “Call2Discipleship” Ministries will be here to share God’s Word. She will be sharing in a morning and evening session, like a “mini” retreat! Men are encouraged to join their wives, at the evening session. It is my understanding, from the planning that the decorations may include several tablecloths tied/sown together, leading to the foot of a cross. Signifying that although we come from different churches and all walks of life, the ground is LEVEL, at the foot of the cross! What an exciting time! Won’t you join us?

Where: Edenton Baptist Church Fellowship Hall
200 S Granville St.
Edenton, NC
When: 10am and 7pm

If you would like to come to the 10 am session, there will be a catered lunch, for $10.00, if you would like to have lunch together. Hope to see you there,

Tammy Holton

11 thoughts on “Edenton Bible Study

  1. Thanks Tammy for the invite with a clarion call. I have been privilege to hear Mrs. Erilynne Barnum, of “Call2Discipleship” Ministries on YouTube after you introduce her to me from your last Bible Study session. She is a joy to learn from and has such clarity in her teachings that one can live out their faith in joy, hope and peace. I have connected others to her teachings on YouTube as well. Also quoted her to myself and others from your study as you shared with me.

    With excitement, joy and expectation I stand with you and the Women of Edenton in prayer for an outpouring of God’s Word showing forth in Edenton and Nations that; “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever as we live out our faith together!” Hebrews 13:8

    The only thing that keeps me away from this meeting is a few hundred miles but my heart, love and prayers are with all of you on Thursday.

  2. I pray that many men will be able to attend this meeting and enjoy time out with their wives. Sounds like the best date night for couples. “In his letter to Timothy, Paul said that men are to pray, ‘lifting up hold hands’ to God (1 Timothy 2:8) I pray for the men in the area that work or distractions will not hinder them from making and carving out this time to spend with their wives and other Christians to worship the lord and learn together.

  3. T.H. It sounds like the Body Of Christ, in unity, sitting at the foot of Jesus, listening to His Word and agreeing in prayer together. What a glorious scene this must present before the Lord as all of Heaven joins in with you from the portals of Heaven. Many exciting things are sure to come forth from the congregation of God’s people when they are in one accord, in God’s Holy Word and under His anointed teacher.
    May your hall be filled to capacity with men and women of God who have come to hear the Word and may their lives be changed forever, souls saved, delivered, hearts revealed and joy unspeakable and full of glory. This is a ROCK of AGES CONCERT!

  4. Tammy, don’t forget to up date us up on Thursday’s meeting. Be exciting to hear how things went? We can thank clap with finger tips on our keyboards. Great sounds of Praise from our keyboards always thrills me. I wonder how Our Father feels when he hears the soft flowing river sound of my Apple singing His praises….?

  5. I was wondering and waiting for the same thing, Sara. The report on the Bible Study In Edenton, NC. Awaiting with expectancy…as Sara taught us…

  6. Thursday morning, September 13, 2012 was fabulous! The chairs were full of women, who came to hear the Word of God, taught. Erilynne taught from Matthew 11: 25-30. Her four points were: 1) COME (the Spirit says come to Jesus) 2) TAKE (from Jesus, He invites us to) 3) LEARN (learn from Jesus, what He wants to teach you/us) and 4) REST ( Come to Jesus, take His yoke, learn from Him, and it is only then, that you will have rest).

    The evening service, was great too. So wonderful to have those men, join their wives (my husband came with me, too), to hear God’s Word. Erilynne spoke on “Abiding In Christ”. She referenced John 15: 1-8. We must “abide” or “remain”, in Christ by: 1) being in His Word and 2) His love.

    Note of interest: Erilynne has been teaching, for many years. She and her daughter traveled to our location and taught twice, in one day! It is so encouraging to see this lady still going about, teaching the Word of God!

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