Word Weary (WW)

Have you ever felt Word Weary (WW) in your prayers? I have! And, right at the height of one of my prayer seasons of WW, a friend shared a  magazine with me.; “Scientific American Oct. 2012 issue.” The front cover featured article was entitled; “The Language of the Brain, how the world’s most complicated machine processes and communicates information.”

I thought, OK, WW, it’s my brain.  I quickly read the article and realized, no, not my brain. Well, maybe I had some locked cells. Let me test and see, I put on a new outfit for color to see if my eyes might just unlock the brain cells.  NO, I’m still Word Weary!

Let me try a craft with my hands. O, gee, one more useless item to display so I can remind myself to pay off the credit card for the glue and sparkles each time I see it. I’m still WW.

Jump, dart and run because I had ignored my ears. Why of course I got it, Music, order a new CD, play and catapult my emotions right into an ‘orbit frenzy’. This just had to unlock those locked brain cells.  This exercise reminded me I had spent more money and had more clutter to face up to.  I’m still Word Weary.

Feet, I have found my answer.  Buy a new pair of flip-flops, get them all dirty in one day. What a flop, I am WW in all my prayers.

Then, I received a letter from a very special lady outlining what is to be her last few months (unless God intervenes)  on earth and sharing how thankful and grateful she is for all God’s goodness to her by working thru His earth angels. The eyes make a river, the heart expands,  the hands go up, the feet go into help action and the prayers are no longer Word Weary.

My words are now birthed from the Spirit within. Salvation is God’s Gift to the World. It does not come from us earthlings but from Jesus, the Lord who saves. Immanuel, the Lord with us makes me realize I am not salvation to the world. He is!


9 thoughts on “Word Weary (WW)

  1. Oh, Sara! How glad I am that I rebooted my PC even after I had turned if off for the evening, preparing for bedtime.
    What a glorious testimony of faith to gladden the heart of Jesus and your readers.
    That even though there looms a calenda,r ticking off the days of one’s life, still there is gratitude, gladness, graciousness, and even glory is such a determination to live out one’s days in grateful appreciation of the blessings that God has bestowed upon this lady’s living days.
    What a lesson for us all! Attitude adjustment in is order, for sure. No more WW for me, either. Maybe WORLD weary….the ways of the world are soul-vexing but if we are like this special lady whom you are describing the thought of Christ in Heaven as our goal brings back the joy of His presence and that high of knowing some day we will see Him face to face. WOW!!

    1. Thanks MG for being so sensitive to the Holy Spirit. You show this over and over with your sensitivity to the needs and little hearts desires that others have by being the feet, hands and eyes. Thanks for joining in with me to refresh your words to become His heart -words in faith and deeds. O, and let us not forget you get to pray twice as you sing His Praises. HUM, maybe three times for you, as you play your piano and make the orbit reverberate with songs of PRAISE and PRAYERS. You go for it girl! You are not WW! You are P&P! Yes, with three great instruments for prayer; words, deeds and piano you have a sphere of heavenly influence that many of us don’t!

      1. Praises to God Almighty. Thank you for your encouragement in the time of need ….and always. in exhorting, in discipleship and guidance, in correction and in fellowship. Praise God for the Body of Christ in operation ….as you say…on this orb.

  2. Sara you really paint vivid illustrations with your words. How our efforts to ‘unlock our brain cells’ so words can flow are so futile. When you said, “My words are now birthed from the Spirit within”… you can see that only the Spirit unlocks the jail cell to set captives free to really worship and serve Him. I think there is a lot of depth and insight in what you shared for us to get a hold of…it is vital if we really want to partner with the Heart Of Jesus.

    1. Debi, it seems to me passion/love, loving as Christ loves overcomes lust of self/addictions and brain cells unlock. Makes me think about my computer and when it locks up I turn it off, reboot and start again. The Human brains have even invented safety offs. For instance, knock my heater over and off it goes. We surely can spiritually reboot with safety valves of love.

  3. I believe you. I don’t believe you could have written this blog unless you really know, understand and have experienced and practiced this. And I believe that what you shared is the only bonafide remedy for ‘lust of self/addictions’.
    A verse of a song of Andrea Crouch’s ‘Jesus is the Answer’ came bubbling up to sing…
    “Jesus is the answer, for the world today,
    Above Him there’s no other,
    Jesus is the way.” 3x
    Verse One:
    If you have some questions
    In the corners of your mind,
    Traces of discouragement,
    The peace you cannot find,
    Reflections of your past,
    Seem to face you everyday,
    But this one thing I do know,
    That Jesus is the way.”

  4. I am still working on my ww…As I see the destruction of storm “Sandy” I feel even more ww. How do I pray? What do I say? Have my words on internet turned into hugs of comfort for those that I have had the privilege of praying and interacting via telecommunication. I still have our friend, Kathleen, from Tom’s River, NJ, living in Kitty Hawk, NC facing floods and knowing her Mother and community in NJ did face Sandy, in my heart, thoughts and prayers. But, do the three equal a touch from the Master’s hand? Jesus is the one that calms the seas. O Lord, help me with my prayer words and heart actions to move You to calm their seas.

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