Rosa, The Elephant

Imagepainting by Rena Oynes

Story By Sara:

Rosa! The Elephant is a funny bottomless girl. She drinks only tea but limitless amounts. She drinks, gargles and waters the plants. This makes for fun and landscapes the theme without a pod of manure to stink up the store. You see she works for Dot, the biz that gives good parties for kids.

Love Rosa or leave her but she can really spit! So, you better stay clear of her trunk or you might need a dolly towel to wipe up the tears of laughter from your tiny own eyes!

Rosa’s eyes are so clear she can thread a tiny needle with the spittle from her trunk. Visit her up-store and let her trunk fill your teacup and you will fill-up your belly trunk!

20 thoughts on “Rosa, The Elephant

    1. Yes, we all really do have a story to tell. Rosa’s story says, Giver of Life, I Corinthians 13:13 “There remains, faith, hope, love these three; but the greatest of these is love.”
      And, Dot, tells her story by saying; I’m a gift of God, Psalm 119:58 “Wholeheartedly I sought Thy favor, be merciful to me according to Thy word.”

  1. I love it that Rosa’s eyes are so clear. What a gifted characteristic.Not only does she personally see clearly, but the spittle from her trunk accomplishes other things outside of her ‘self’. From filling teacups to watering gardens, hers is the outward vision to others and she is a giver and doer!

  2. elephant |ˈeləfənt|
    noun ( pl. same or -phants )
    1 a heavy plant-eating mammal with a prehensile trunk, long curved ivory tusks, and large ears, native to Africa and southern Asia. It is the largest living land animal.
    • Family Elephantidae, order Proboscidea: two species. See African elephant , Indian elephant .
    2 chiefly Brit. a size of paper, now standardized at 28 × 23 inches (approximately 711 × 584 mm).
    elephantoid |ˌeləˈfantoid; ˈeləfənˌtoid| adjective
    the elephant in the room a major problem or controversial issue that is obviously present but avoided as a subject for discussion because it is more comfortable to do so.

    Rena, your painting is so colorful! I think her ears stand out to me….maybe I need to practice listening twice as much as I speak….or “spit from my trunk”.

    1. Spit is really taking on a whole new life reading about Rosa. Amazing what spit and spitting can do. Yes, I guess we better watch out. Revelation 3:16 has a spit warning for us: “So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.”
      “Love Rosa or leave her but she can really spit! So, you better stay clear of her trunk…”

  3. “pink elephants
    plural noun informal
    hallucinations supposedly typical of those experienced by a drunk person.”

    Have you heard of a “white elephant” gift? It’s usually not a “real” gift, but a “prank” gift.

    1. Yes I have heard of white elephant gift …looking it up: 1.a. A rare, expensive possession that is a financial burden to maintain.
      b. Something of dubious or limited value.
      2. An article, ornament, or household utensil no longer wanted by its owner.
      3. An endeavor or venture that proves to be a conspicuous failure.
      My understanding of it was more like #2.
      I bet there’s great gifts, though at Rosa’s parties, since I read that “she works for Dot, the biz that gives good parties for kids.”

      1. Oh, sorry…when I read this: PHRASES
        “the elephant in the room a major problem or controversial issue that is obviously present but avoided as a subject for discussion because it is more comfortable to do so.”
        It reminded me of an expression…”everybody walks around the big pink elephant standing in the middle of the floor, to avoid the problem/controversial issue.” So, I looked up the definition of a pink elephant and posted here.

  4. the elephant house
    gourmet tea & coffee house and restaurant
    Opened in 1995, The Elephant House has established itself as one of the best tea and coffee houses in Edinburgh. Made famous as the place of inspiration to writers such as J.K. Rowling, who sat writing much of her early novels in the back room overlooking Edinburgh Castle.

    Hey, I’v been there. ? Did I have Elephant Tea or not?

    1. Elephant tea? Probably Sara…certainly it must have been similar as those other inspired writers were drinking in order for you to come up with this Rosa story.

  5. It does say in the Scriptures “that out of your belly will flow rivers of living water”…maybe those rivers of living water will flow out of Rosa’s trunk, too!

  6. I think the interpretation is….out of your innermost being (your soul/spirit) will the living water flow…the Rhema ..of the living Word. But it’s got to flow out to someone; someone who is thirsty for truth; someone who is hurting; someone who is searching; someone who is seeking; even someone who might be passing by and never really knows what hit him….except that SUDDENLY the Truth hits him and he cannot ignore it. Sort of like what happened to Matthew at the tax table; or zacchaeus up in the Sycamore tree; or Nathaneal under the fig tree.

  7. The Bible translation I have uses the word ‘heart’ for belly. It is one place where love comes from…motives also. Our mouth can speak what’s in our heart.True obedience and the ability to do the will of God must come from the heart (Eph 6:6). It seems if these channels are open and the Holy Spirit is given the right of way to fill and flow from the heart, He will. But if we clog it up with debris of self, sins, disobedience, etc. no flow.

  8. I read on a research site {Wikipedia) and others that the original meaning of the name Ros(a) is of Norman origin and means “bright/flaming-type”. Which makes me think of Jesus Christ, the ROS(A) of Sharon and the BRIGHT and morning Star. If Rosa the elephant is indicative of one whose elephant (HUGE) boundless belly in truth abounds with limitless rivers of living water then surely Rosa is modeling herself after the ONE Who knows no limits of Purity, Truth and endless Love.

  9. ‘Compost tea’ is a favorite garden fertilizer of organic gardeners. Since Rosa drinks unlimitless tea and then gargles and waters plants with it, I sure bet organic enthusiasts would love to have her visit their gardens.

  10. That is amazing information. A garden fertilizer, a favorite for organic gardening. Amazing how the Holy Spirit diffuses knowledge and skill to bring understanding to those who love and study the Word of God. Amazing information; amazing grace!

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