9 thoughts on “Think on This!

  1. I believe that all the truth and righteousness of the Father as given to Moses in a written form (logos) has been embodied and fulfilled in a living, vital Jesus Christ the Son Who was, is and will ever be TRUTH personified. HE is Rhema The Word.

  2. Thinking on the blog scripture…seems that the law reveals truth to us and gives us standards to live by. And God’s grace, given to us through Jesus, helps us to understand the truth and make the choice to believe it and follow it.
    “So the law was our guardian until Christ came that we might be justified by faith.” Galatians 3:24

  3. Oh I see how you have worded the question. There will always be Truth because Jesus Christ is Truth, His being the Revelation of the Father Who together with the SON and the Spirit, is TRUTH.
    However, without grace[ Who is Christ] we would not be able to understand, comprehend, be receivers or have knowledge of the Truth….not without grace.
    Grace is the Enabler, the Lord, through Whom we receive the Grace by which we can comprehend and begin to know TRUTH. {my take on your question]

  4. My thoughts on Sara’s question are along the same lines as MG, I think. I see a direct connector between these two scriptures: Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” …and, “Through him we have also obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand” (Romans 5:2). Can’t get into grace without entering through the truth, Jesus.
    Sara asked…”would there be a truth without grace”. Wondering if ‘a’ truth is different from ‘the’ truth?

  5. We could read the Word of God. We could study the Bible for years and decades and still, without GRACE we could never come to the TRUTH, the Understanding, the realization, the recognition, the revelation into our own personal, private soul-life…
    that God made a Way for humanity to be with Him in Heaven for eternity…and that Way is Jesus Christ. Some might recite it by rote and parrot it to others, but the Grace of God that draws men to the Father through Jesus Christ must be received to know the greatest Truth that ever lived. And that is what being born again really is. The Grace that manifests itself in men’s lives to the end that lives are changed, forever. That is Jesus Christ.

  6. Thinking more on grace and truth. How can grace come to someone who doesn’t want the truth and doesn’t tell the truth?

    1. In response to Debi’s question: My first thought would be; grace can come to someone who has not told truth and refuse to tell truth when they stop lying and making excuses for their lies. Recognize that lying is a sin and hated by God, tell Him, apology to Him and any that the one has lied to when it is possible. Make it as right as one can under the circumstances. Then stop, refuse to continue in this pattern. Work to change your old habits and lifestyles and grace and truth will enable you, empower you, strengthen you and fill you with Joy and Hope.

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