Words to encourage those that are persecuted for their faith: By MG Henry 

When I first learned of the vitriolic attack on your reputation as a righteous daughter of God, anger rose up in my heart.  However, as I pondered the fictitious accusations and judgmental observations against you, the anger started to lift because I believe the Holy Spirit started bringing to mind The True Word of God.

 Paul in Romans 1:32 states, “Although they know God’s righteous decree…that which is written in the commandments…..’Thou shall not murder; Thou shall not bear false witness; thou shall not commit adultery’, etc. and that those who do such things deserve death…even so… they persist and excuse and continue to do these very things, over and over.  And others who approve of those who practice adultery, lying, stealing, etc.  are partners in collusion with them. “  That is …they are just as guilty as the ones committing the sin.

And Paul indicates….the approvers deserve death, also.  This is very scary. So, instead of LOVING them enough to tell them that their sin will send them to hell and that there is a God Who forgives a repentant heart that changes its ways, they, instead take delight and personal pleasure in the sins of others and they call that “love”.

And, who is the accuser of the brethren?  Who stands on one’s own concocted moral standards and uses the Scriptures to brow beat those who are standing for true morality? The Bible states,  ‘SATAN  is the accuser of God’s people.’

 SO!!!  I rejoice with you and thank God on this Thanksgiving  day for you and your godly little family because, “All who want to live a godly life in union with the Messiah Jesus will be persecuted. [2Tim. 3:12]

“In fact, Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.” [James 1:2] 

In addition, Acts 5:41 says, “The apostles left the Sanhedrin, rejoicing because they had been counted worthy of suffering disgrace for the Name.  So, day after day, in the temple courtsand from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good newsthat Jesus is the Messiah.”

So, Beloved Friend, you are in very good company with Paul and Silas and the other apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ.  They NEVER stopped teaching and proclaiming the GOOD NEWS that Jesus is the Messiah, Lord and God.

We have only one alternative as children of the Lord Jesus Christ, and that is to pray for them and leave them in the Hands of a living God. 

I praise God that you are a true Christian soldier and that you and your household will not let anything come between you and your Lord.  Amen and Amen.

Your Friend, MG