In the lessons of the worship service this morning, Sara made a statement that caught my attention as she was teaching about gift giving, especially during this season [but not exclusively].  She said, “How will my voice sound when I extend my hand with a gift to another?”  

What she was saying in essence was this.  Will I take this glory unto myself, that I am a great gift-giver; look at me and my generosity.  Or will the gift I present to another have a gift tag that reads….”For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him will have everlasting life”….’and I extend this gift to you in His love and in His Name that you might meet the eternal God and Savior Jesus Christ Whose birth we celebrate  at this season.’

Will we substitute ourselves as the great gift-giver, taking honor from the GREATER THAN of all [another point of Sara’s lesson in worship] Who is God Almighty?  Will we substitute our temporal gift for His unspeakable Gift, Jesus Christ?  Or will we, along with our gift give the  only REASON for giving at all.  That is, to share with the recipient(s),  the Gospel of the Kingdom, that God has sent His Son and He has sent Him for you!

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