Christmas Sale

Christmas Sale

Color your gray, brighten someone’s day with a splash of color this Christmas season. Poinsettias, a Christmas cactus, amaryllis or orchid will add a living touch to an indoor space. The fragrance of a fresh wreath, roping or an evergreen floral arrangement helps bring a little of the outdoors in.
If you are in the Leesburg, Virginia area December 5-7 please stop by and visit Monroe Technology Center. The greenhouse is brimming with color! You will find all the items listed above and more. Your purchase will help support the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources department’s student scholarship fund. Hope to see you there!

8 thoughts on “Christmas Sale

  1. Absolutely love the Christmas traditions behind these glorious plants & flowers.
    I will be there right after school to pick out my wreath and poinsettias…and see what other lovelies I can find.
    The Monroe Tech plant sales are always a wonderful deal…excellent foliage, plants and flowers; excellent service and a joyful time.

  2. I just purchased a glorious wreath and a big, chubby poinsettia at the Monroe Tech Plant Sale. Also saw many beautiful plants; strawberries & cream poinsettias, a poinsettia tree…actually 3 or 4 poinsettia trees. They are stunning in beauty.
    Many different colored poinsettias and other plants are for sale. Oh, and the cookies & cider were great, too, made especially by the Monroe Tech Culinary Arts dept. The students and volunteers were displaying their artistic skill at bow making and creativity, under the watchful eye of Deborah Chaves, Horticulture Instructor and manager of the plant sales. All in all a festive day and beauty for the eyes to behold.
    If you wish to adorn your doors and windows with lovely foliage and plants for the Christmas season of joy & hope, Monroe Tech, is the place to go in Leesburg and its environs for the next two days.

  3. Thanks for the gracious comments, MG. And thank you for coming to support the sale. May your wreath and poinsettia bring much joy the Christmas season!

  4. What a jolly profession, especially at this time of the year, [Oh, and at Easter] to contribute to the joy of the season for so many people by your lovely greens, wreaths, bows, trees, shrubs, etc. As you travel down the streets of Leesburg you will be able to see the wonderful work of your hands featured in people’s windows and on their doors. PTL!!

  5. Absolutely beautiful Debi. I remember how exciting it was to volunteer at this time of year. Makes me want to go out immediately and buy a Christmas cactus and poinsetta. May you sell all and may the student scholarship fund grow and all be blessed by your hand, management, instruction and joyful countenance and by the many hands that have helped in this endeavor. Merry Christmas!

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