December, You enter our hearts as gentle as a lamb!  O December Winter you are always so mysterious. You close your twinkling eyes so early in the eve making light hours so very short. But, your Star Light never fails to capture the seekers of long years gone-bye.   What happened on that starry night that led Three Magis to seek with treasure a new born King? Diversity of Faith awakes in the hearts of man on your calendar month of December days.

 Your weather paths are filled with rocking motion; much like that of a rocking tea kettle spouting out her steam. Yet, December, you always feel so WELCOME!  Flickering Colored Lights, Jingling Bells, Aromatic Smells and Exotic Taste. $’s float from hand to hand buying treasures to fulfill a dream.
O Jolly Santa do your reindeer thing. But, please don’t forget the children of the ‘new wave’. Homeless children with parents living without a home or hope for a thing. Night skies of end’s year shine your light upon our hearts and shadow those character flaws that makes blind our eyes from despair of helplessness.
The Prophet’s of Old predicted what was to come….
 to be continued….