Good-Bye November 2012

November is saying good-bye today.  She will leave her mark on history. A newly appointed President by vote.  Sandy, made her way around the states jumping from October to a November event that will never be erased in the minds and hearts of Our Nation. Sandy will enter December with us but with hope as despair fades.

November, your leaves have been tremendous with art, style and most of all diffuse colors.

Thanksgiving Day was made with bountiful meals. Shopping galore. RGIII with the Washington Redskins made a mark on history as he with his team took the  Dallas Cowboys to a defeat! Happy moments for some and sad sack faces and stats for others. But, it is all a game!

This last day of November, 2012; in some places tree leaf is hanging in balance, kinda lonely waiting for the December winds to take them to mulch.

Christmas Trees are showing light and story. My thoughts are aglow with the scene of birth, O Holy Child of Bethlehem. My next historic thoughts that makes demands on today;


“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love you.’ Psalm 122:6

Friend of Jesus Christ,


5 thoughts on “Good-Bye November 2012

  1. I love the new website look! And I so appreciate reading your creative November wrap up, Sara, and join you in offering a prayer with ‘My next historic thoughts’.

  2. What a pleasant seasonal surprise to gaze upon a new and festive face of LILY. We as true believers in the Way the Truth and the Life celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ into our hearts every day of our lives. It is true. And Lily’s “new look” reminds us that the most wonderful time of the year is upon us when we have the opportunity to tell all the world about the Love that came down at Christmastide.
    Thanks for the innovative change to the blog that features Jesus Christ as its center. And yes, farewell to November, Sara, although it was quite a jolly good month, if I do say so!

  3. Yes, Sara. We are among mankind, most blessed. David, in Psalm 31:15 says,
    My times are in YOUR hands….” And what better place to place the seasons of our lives? I sure didn’t do a very good job when I was doing my own “seasoning”. So now I can place my remaining era in HIS hands and stop trying to foist it away from Him, periodically.

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