8 thoughts on “2013 Reflections and Resolutions

    1. I agree, Tammy. The Glory of God’s creation sure gives reflection to the soul. Happy New Year to you! Happy to find you here as we find ourselves minutes away from the midnight hour. A friend you are!

    2. Fun to pray for you Tammy as we approach the midnight hour together yet miles away! Spirit knows no limit, space or time! Blessed we have been in 2012 and more so in 2013!

      1. I want to begin my new Christian year with and in a daily office. A daily routine for prayer, Bible Readings- Study, devotional readings, and online journling/blogging/thedailylily on a set rhythm and schedule. I hope to cultivate a deep practice of obedience of listening and hearing God in my daily routine. As I practice my daily office I hope to spend disciplined time with God, being there at a set time both alone and in community. My prayer and high hope will be that a habit of feverent and effective prayer is established and heard by God.

        Today 1/1/13, my practice of rhythm in my daily office has begun. May it build faith to join a growing community for mutual encouragement so that we may live our faith.

  1. The blog photo is really beautiful and displays a peace through the tranquil waters and also an assurance by the rising (or setting) of the sun. What is impressive to me, also, is that someone, the photographer, not only took notice of it for himself (or herself) but paused to capture it w/ camera, saving it to share and preserve for others to take encouragement from.

  2. Tough question for oneself. Posing such a question must mean one is searching for just such a reflection in their lives, just as the reflection in the picture. May we all this year have the reflection in our lives of Jesus as our devotion is carried out in our daily walk. No matter the troubleness of life, we know that Jesus is with us to bring the underlying peace through it all.

  3. Love your reflective thoughts, rko, aka, Mrs. O….as I paused again and reflected upon the photograph, I am reminded there is more light than darkness in earth. Isn’t that just like Our God; “See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the LORD rises upon you and his glory appears over you.” Isaiah 60:2

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