13 thoughts on “Guess the Root?

  1. What pretty turnips. NC turnips must have a lot more glitz & glam than the pale blonde ones I have seen around here. Not that I have anything against pale blondes….but for turnips these NC ones make VA. ones seem wan and insipid.
    Do they taste as glorious as they look?

  2. Hay……I just noticed that the colors of the turnup roots, in the above picture, is similar to the colors of the beautiful picture of the lily, at the top of the page. God must love color!!

    1. I love color, too! The rediscovery of beautiful purple/white turnips with a pungent taste sure has gifted my slow winter days. And, the thought that someone would dig from the garden and mail as a surprise makes me think God loves smiles as well as color. Tammy found them in Chris Holton’s garden!

  3. How Scriptural!! One Plants, One waters; Many eat!!!! LOL!! In all things give thanks for this is the will of God concerning you and concerning turnips, gardeners, planters, waterers and eaters!!

  4. I read online that turnips can easily be grown in containers if you don’t have an in ground garden. That’s is good news for those that have sunny decks, balconies and patios. And since it is recommended that the green tops be cut back several times before actually harvesting the turnip roots, there will be a nice supply of greens which have great nutrient value. Think I may just give this a try.

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