by Rena Oynes;

Join God’s Team in 2013.
The Benefits are Terrific
Tired of hearing what the Devil can do
Pray and See what God can do
Lonely! Plug into God
He’s Waiting for You to
Join Hi Exciting Team
Have a Problem
Call on Jesus
He has All the Right Answers
Are you in Distress, Disperate
Call Out; God’s Listening
Trust and Obey…Then Count on Jesus
Put Your Eggs in one basket
Jesus Can’t Wait
His for You has been Empty too Long
Walk and Talk to an Expert
Call Anytime
Want a Power Boost
Plug into the Source

Falling Apart, God’s Waiting to Pick up the Pieces
.Call for HelAt the bottom of the Barre
Look Up, God’s trying to Get to You!In the Dark,God’s Light is Seeking You Out!
Broken, Call on Jesus
He can fix You!
Need a Creatice Idea
Go to the Creator
Want Forgiveness
I’m Listening, God
Need a Touch of Love
I can Provide
Need a Plan
I Have Many, God
Want Something Unique
I Can Provide
Need a Job Done Professionally/Top Notch
You Can Count on Me
God! Need Someone Now!
I’m Here Anytime, Call
 My Words Creates
Need Answers
Seek Me, God
Prayer for friend….

After reading Smith Wigglesworth devotional – January 14…His thought for the day: The Word of God is marrow to your bones. It is resurrection from every weakness; it is life from the dead.

Lord we lift up ____ to you and we proclaim The WORD, your WORD the HOLY SCRIPtures are marrow to
______BONE. YOUr Word – SPOKEN WORD to HIS MARROW is resurrection to his BONEs. We proclaim that by YOUR WORD

HIS BONES are resurrected and NEW again in the Name of the Lord JeSUS. They LIVE by the power of YOUR WORD! In Jesus’s name. Amen and amen