Earth Gospel

This (see writing below, Hamilton) brings to bear; thoughts of our prayers when others, or ourselves, are aged, sick, dying. When Nations are at war. When a little child has cancer or other illness. When so many unknowns lurk around us each day, how does one pray, think and act?:
Rough up my “conventional values”
with the wildness of your love and creativity.
Help me to let go
of my need to predict and control
and let me enter
the unmapped regions
of your grace.- Sam Hamilton-PooreEarth Gospel

8 thoughts on “Earth Gospel

  1. Hamilton’s thought that there are ‘unmapped regions’ of God’s grace is encouraging as we search for answers and solutions to difficult and perplexing situations and questions.

  2. This writer’s thoughts bounced another’s writers thoughts in my inner being on letting go and not predicting or trying to control; Dr. Seuss once said, “Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened.”

  3. ” A critic can review only the book he has read, not the one which the writer wrote” leaves the reader free to be not accosted in his/her opinion.

    1. I would say leaves the reader to be whom they want to be!?????? I recently read a writer that wrote:” We have the privilege of interacting with God through everyone we meet.” My choice? Lara Landon wrote it…I can see or not see….confront her words or confront my behavior. Hopefully, a writer leaves me better in heart than when I first peeked into their thoughts.

  4. You are right, Sara. And we have the right to Not to be offended by another’s critique…or should i say the opportunity to NOT be offended when writer’s write thoughts which do not jive with our personal “gospel”….[small g intended].
    And it IS an ‘opportunity’!!

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