All about me!

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I think a major hold back from experiencing the new is ” letting go” of things in our past. Could be one or all of these three; people, places, things….Always wanting to look back either in thought or word. Trying to go back, instead of enjoying the surroundings of our new wanting to run back to the old. Things we onced enjoyed…leave them for others to enjoy. Could be our youth, clothes or cover girl? Heck, we might as well leave our minds free from this old …because it could only be a fallacy for some of us. We might just be the shopping bag to hold the items that just robbed us of our time, dime and fun. People we let go of are happy to be free of us and we them but we sure can clay mountain build in our minds a fantasy bigger than life. Some precious people we had to let go of because their journey here had ended but we won’t let them go because their memory helps to bury another old poor me thought. This blocks our view and cripples our limbs from serving others with compassion, love, giving and doing.

Do I have dead limbs or am I a sick stick tree?  Would one see me flourishing like a green olive tree in the house of The Lord? Behold, beauty is seeing lush- fresh- blemish free fruit- ripe -and ready to eat not hours invested in a spa while I try and dream my way to make myself believe I deserve this. This comment is all about me. I sure hope in 2013 I crawl out of the old me hole!


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