I was born in Belize when the country was under the British rule and was formerly known as British Honduras. I lived in a very little town called Stan Creek. My family was a his, hers, and theirs family. There were eleven children and my mom was the sole disciplinarian of our family. My grandfather was a Methodist minister. We went to church and Sunday School every Sunday without fail. When I was very young a Revival was held in a tent on the beach. The minister who spoke was very powerful and moving in the spirit of the Lord. When he gave the altar call, I went down. I can’t remember if my family went with me or not. I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior.

The thing I remember most was attending HARVEST at a Methodist Church. I had a basket filled with all kinds fruits, vegetables, and homemade pastries and bread. My mom stuff the basket full to overflowing. I would go down the church aisle and place the basket on the altar.

My momma and daddy were very loving. They wanted the best education for their children as they only had a second grade education. They educated themselves and where able to come to America for their permanent residence and children’s education.

I was baptized when I was 16 in the Baptist Church in Tampa, Florida. As a teenager sitting in church and growing up poor I went to a women who had worn the same dress twice and they were appalled. I knew that I did not have a closet full of dresses. I was so shocked by their comment about the women I determined I would not go to church again if these were Christian women. I loved Christ just not the attitude of the women I had heard. I regret that I did not raise my children in the church to absorb the
teachings of Jesus. My mother-in-law was always putting little notes with scripture verses when she came to visit or sent a note to any of us. Her comment to us was that you all have to come to heaven, because I want to see you there.

When my husband who was quite a writer was about to die he told me to write this down, “Happy birthday, Satan. Eat of your cake with the knowledge that it will lead to your demise. Then step aside for those of us who will enjoy it. I saw Satan, I did not see God. HE is TOO big.”