Hope Woven in The Cross

Psalms of Praise and Songs of Grace
Have done their best to paint The Cross.

The height of The Cross is not impressive
And the shape is not expressive.

Yet there hung a man of gentle and humble
Lineage bearing our shame.

The Wood of The Cross has not been revealed,
Insignificant in the woven work of The Cross.

The splendor was not in a tree that held
The blood stains that dripped from the thieves
Or the King.

The majestic life of The Cross was how the rainbow colors
Of the tears, sweat and blood were woven in the tree
Uniting you and me with the work done on the Tree.

The artist has depicted you and me woven
In our humanity and shown love by the Divinity
of The Cross stained by His Blood.

(c) 2013 Sara Craddock

Artist, Dawn Collins (c)2013