God is Love

God is LoveArt by Dawn Collins

1 John 4:8-12 (NIV) “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love… since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another…if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.”

How can we show love for one another?

10 thoughts on “God is Love

  1. “How can we show love for one another?”
    When I look at Dawn’s heart art I see black and white holding it all together, forming the heart.
    One of the meanings of the expression ‘black and white,’ according to an online definition, is “a very clear choice that causes no confusion”. Love is a choice. Love is a choice action towards another. One that would want to bring God’s heart’s best to them.

    1. Debi, does this mean there is no gray areas? Somewhere in my past I read or heard love is truth and integrity and has no gray areas only black and white. Interesting thoughts on the art lines since I was busy looking at the fire flames of the heart?

      Raw emotions out of control burns the soul and damages the being while contained in commitment warms the soul and energizes the being.

      Dawn Collins, the artist says, “art unites.” Art has a way of drawing thoughts to the Bibical writers that gives word art in prompting the readers to articulate with action, Love! My thoughts are running like a contained peaceful brook on action words; love your neighbor as yourself. Ok, fellow readers let the stream flow with lines of love…..

    2. Debi says: “Love is a choice. Love is a choice action towards another.” Sara says: “How can we show love for one another?”
      Tammy says: “I asked my son, Nathaniel, how can we show love for one another?”
      Nathaniel says: “If someone is sad, do something for them to cheer them up. Show kindness.”

      1. Nathaniel says: “I like that story we heard at church last night.”
        Here is the story: A gentleman pulled into McDonald’s to go through the drive thru and unknowingly, a woman in a nearby car was outraged. The woman started blowing her horn, verbalizing profanity toward him, and giving unkind hand gestures, indicating that he had ‘cut her off’. Well, the man proceeded to the drive thru and the woman did too, right behind him. When the gentleman got to the window to pay for his meal, he asked to pay for the woman’s order behind him, and he paid for her order also.

        Would this be showing love to another?

      2. Nathaniel you are as wise as an OWL! We are told by another Wise Man: “an encouraging word cheers a person up” (Proverbs 12:25, NLT

  2. “Debi, does this mean there is no gray areas? ”
    Yes, Sara, that is my understanding…grey sounds like confusion and disorder….the opposite of the peace you write about.
    I really like your thought provoking statement, “Raw emotions out of control burns the soul and damages the being while contained in commitment warms the soul and energizes the being. “

  3. I love the artist’s heart and use of color combination. It is a facinating painting.
    The quote from Sara, “Raw emotions out of control” do wound the soul. And even when the wounds are healed there are sometimes scars that remain that the enemy is still able to “pick at” at certain times in our lives.
    John teaches us in 1 John that if we walk in love and love our fellow believer, not despising them nor holding them in disdain or under judgmentalism, we will not stumble in the dark. The artist’s heart and all its symbolism conveys the love of the brethren for one another for he who does not love, does not know God. [1Jn 4:8] For God is love.

    1. I agree MG, Dawn Collins, the artist, speaks thru art as the Biblical writers speak thru word art. What a privilege to have both with the technology of computers.

  4. Yesterday while working at the Samaritan Center I was working with a Sister. What a beautiful woman of God. She is a wonderful storyteller. God called her to be a nun when she was 16 She told a story about a young girl who was having a lot of difficulty in her life. Sister had been working with a razor blade on something and had forgotten to put it away. When she remember it, she searched for it frantically recalling that this one girl had been the last one in the room. She went up to the girl’s room to speak to her. She told the girl that she would hate for anything bad to happen due to her carelessness of not putting the razor away properly. The girl turned to her and said softly,
    “You care!” She said yes I care, I love you. Awhile later when the girl moved out they found the razor. Sister said she knew with all her heart that if she had not have gone up to speak with that young girl something tragic would have happen. That is God’s love in action and as defined as the heart.

    1. Thank you, Sister Ownes, for being an example, teacher and mentor so we can see love in action. The thought of neglect or disobedience to the prompting of The Holy Spirit is heart wrenching. To pause and give thought to your obedience gives hope when we listen, hear and obey.

      Tammy, the gentlemen in your story shows love when other may be prompting us in the flesh. Another great showing of love.

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