The Real Me Stand UP!

My son, Chris, sent me this article recently and I have posted it on my journals, books and desktop. Why? I’m trying to identify the real me.  Yes, I said it identify. I remember watching a TV show years ago; “Will the real____ stand up? After hearing the Q&A I thought I always knew the real one out of the three only to find all too often, I was wrong.

Many times in my real you story I find I am living on a “Wish/Dream Story.” Are you able to identify the real you from this article? Should be easier than the old TV show since there are only two kinds of people to choose from and one of them may be YOU!  Enjoy your show!Image

8 thoughts on “The Real Me Stand UP!

  1. This is really something to aim for – so glad Chris shared this with you. Sounds like renewing of the mind so that you are not in the same old rut or stuck. If you were riding on a bicycle thinking you have nothing more to do and have arrived at what God had for you so you stop and at this point perhaps around the corner God had something else and then around the next something else. God amazes ME the way He does His work in me. I would NEVER have thought HE would have me where I am today. So the future journey I of all people know I can not comprehend or have a knowing. His future is really much more than I could fantasize in my small brain. What’s next – God knows! He has your past, present, and future in his hands so TRUST
    in God. He actually goes beyond the desires of your heart.

    1. Agreed Rena! When you ride in the side cart of the Holy Spirit life can’t be explained. Just lived.

  2. As I pondered the life of the second kind of person. The one most of us would like to believe we are, I thought, how would one really know. The Apostle Paul may be a good example of such a one. Look what he wrote; “That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.” (2 Corinthians 12:10, NIV)

    Yes, many times it is opposition that propels us into growth spurts it seems. If I go by Paul’s writings I wonder if I am really one or two? Or, which one would I like to be? I thought these hard things he mentioned are going to come anyway so what will/have I done with them. Let them sit on my head like a ton of bricks? Walk around like a guilt ridden corpse? Maybe I like a nice self of poor me syndrome? I have many questions for my fogged up mirror. I need Windex for a mirror/eye cleaning….

  3. I’m back in my maze as I travel this 2 person road….trying to find the way I want to go. I had a chilling thought; maybe I am happy in a place because somewhere deep in me was a secret desire that maybe even a semi-secret to me and now I’m one. I got there and cheering and telling my story like a VICTORY and others cheering for me as well…only to find out it was my thing and not a fluid thing. Let me think; how would I know; ‘where’s the fruit?” Show it! It’s not show and tell like elementary school. It is just SHOW!

    I would think if we get there and then ask again where now we have no show.

  4. As I read this article Chris sent, I see a sobering contrast: I am either dead or alive. If I am not wanting to be fluid than I refuse to change. If I refuse to change than I choose to stop walking with God and He keeps on walking forward into the newness.
    You said Sara, “‘where’s the fruit?” Show it! “. That really is the bottom line. I can say and hope and wish I am an alive, fluid person, but if I have none, I am self-deceived.
    This is requiring a reality check.

  5. “congealed into their final selves”……..hum, one word keeps coming to my mind…..complacency. Do you agree, that this word seems to sum up the first person?? Look what Proverbs 1: 32 says: “For simpletons turn away from me–to death. Fools are destroyed by their own complacency.” Oh, dear Lord, help us all not to be “congealed into our final selves.” Help us to keep renewing our minds; daily, by focusing on You, Your Word, and being obedient to the Holy Spirit.

    1. Tammy, great thought, “complacency.” Another word for complacency is smug and that means; having or showing an excessive pride in oneself or one’s achievements : And, in keeping with your thought and scripture; fool, a person devoted to a particular activity…sure gives a vivid picture!

      I wonder if many of the addictions we hear about fall into this kind of lifestyle? Take care of myself. All about me. What I can do for myself and all about myself. “No room in the end for me after all!”

      I sure can see why the young man that first got this article wanted to grow like a weed and carried in his pocket for years. This is a lesson to learn. And, it’s a hard one for some of us older ones. I hear a phrase from an older man the other day; ‘this is for the young.’

  6. Where’s the fruit? Show me the fruit!! Is the “fruit on the bottom” like some cartons of yogurt advertise? Sometimes, perhaps….. the fruit doesn’t “show” right away. In the Gospel of John Chapter 17:20, just before Jesus was betrayed, He prayed to the Father….”Neither for these alone do I pray (referring to the apostles there with Him). It is not for their sake only that I make this request but also for ALL those who will ever come to believe and trust and rely on ME through the Word, their words and their teaching…that they all may be one just as You are in Me and I in You….that they may be one with US.”
    Jesus prayed this prayer two thousand years ago and I thank God that I am one of the fruit of that prayer and of the Work He did on the Cross. We can all praise God for that in our lives for those of us who are living in this era and trusting in Jesus Christ as our Savior.

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