When another feels emotional hurt?

What do we say? Pray? Do? And, just as importantly, are we able to recognize the symptoms of emotional hurt and pain in another?  Do we share our pain or our Healer? Am I a quoter of scripture when convenient for me? Or, do I administer Words and Deeds that heal while the ’emotions of another throbs’ with pain?

I read a quote, posted by a Mother, teacher, lovely lady, that shocked my religion this week but revealed pain for someone.  And, I sure can’t shake it!

Do I, 1) ignore,  2) reprimand, or 3)  heal? Always, seems like I can’t get away from these three choice Q&A’s?

12 thoughts on “When another feels emotional hurt?

  1. Yesterday I heard a wonderful sermon about the three chairs which is a concern to me and legacy we want to leave in this world. It is painful to really think this through. The first chair is the one of honor, serving God, and committed to God and God alone. Often taking a position that people think is too strick. The second chair is inconsistancy/compromise, one foot in the church and the other in the world. The third chair is not having a relationship with God/total conflict. These are chairs of honor and dishonor.

    Throughout the history of the bible we see that when you have the chairs lined up there is a downward slide from generation to generation. In Judges the people had to separated themselves from the enemy. The third generation did not KNOW the Lord. The line of kings throughout the bible start with one highly favored by God, then king of compromise, and then king highly unfavored/wicked/evil. The third chair has NO relationship with God. They may have had head knowledge, but not HEART knowledge.

    Whatever chair you are in will determine what chair your children will be in. David was committed but Solomon came to God to get a warm fuzzy feeling. He compromised.

    Conflict – the third chair. This generation heard one thing from their parents but saw it acted out another. What you say and do has an effect on the 3rd generation.

    In the first seat to stay committed you need to hear God’s voice, act, pray, serve, and worship. Examine yourself regularly and get the precepts of God into your heart. The sinners prayer is working daily in your life to obtain Jesus’s character. This is the WINNERS chair.

    The biggest trouble in America is that we have taken a seat in the second chair. We straddle the fence or compromise. When you are doing this you are gambling with your children’s spiritual lives. They will slide to Chair 3. Man reaps what he sows. Man has a tendency to always slide downward.

    Only Jesus’s people are going to see Jesus within us. The chairs – which one are we in?

  2. Rena, my musical chairs just got hotter! The Holy Spirit sure knows how to turn the heat up! Lay/hatch/eggs and bring forth chicks or get off the nest. Help, me, O Lord, I pray!

  3. “What do we say? Pray? Do? And, just as importantly, are we able to recognize the symptoms of emotional hurt and pain in another?”
    Many times I don’t recognize or am aware of the symptoms unless pointed out to me.
    Most often, I fumble for words that may bring help but may offer or join in a prayer for their need when made awares. When asked to ‘do’, make or give something physically by someone who is able to assess and meet their pain and need, I will offer a hand.
    It seems the ‘emotions of another throbs’ with pain?’ needs a person of Wisdom to make sure they get the exact medicine and prescription from the One who can heal. If there is a throb from a physical ailment or wound that may be causing some emotional pain, then I am more likely to help with a bag of ice or a rub.

  4. “What do we say? Pray? Do?”

    I’d like to share some quotes from an article from “The Roanoke Beacon” by Mark Wilmoth, titled: “Tough Love is sometimes the Biblical Solution.”

    “Sometimes, in the words of Dr. James Dobson, ‘Love must be tough.’ Sometimes the most loving act toward our neighbor is to practice our love for God by upholding his standards.”……..

    “Real love speaks the truth, even when it seems to hurt. Real love will risk a temporary estrangement in the interest of eternal tranquility. Real love looks forward to the party God will throw for all us ‘prodigals’ when we finally make it home.”

    1. The words Tammy has posted; “Real love….” sure gives my chair even more heat. In talking with so many broken dolls that need healing and the skill of real love that may just put hearts back together the one word that stabs the deepest, it seems, is love. How many times have I said or heard, ‘but I thought they loved me.’ To often, there was love of flesh, lust, money or thrill of some sort giving the glam of love. No truth and no commitment to anyone or anything but words and actions that thrilled the lonely heart causing us to enter the fray and believing the lie. Then the fray takes it break and we cry , hope and think maybe it was a bad dream only to find it was the real thing called no love!

  5. Wow! This sure is an amazing collection of wisdom, (in a multitude of counselors, etc)
    What could I ( me, myself & I) , say, pray, do…. when looking into the eyes of a wounded human being? The ones with the broken hearts? The ones whose mates have betrayed them? The ones whose life partners have the word “terminal” stamped on their medical file? The ones whose son or daughter (or both) is on heroin? I guess I would listen first. Then…..
    Dare I tell them my story? Can I tell them how Jesus came into my life? How He delivered me from the horrors of promiscuity and addictions? How I discovered that He took the pain of divorce out of my heart and replaced it with joy unspeakable. Maybe I wouldn’t use biblical terminology throwing in long quotes of Scripture at the onset, but nonetheless I would have to give them the Truth. That’s it! The Truth is that He replaced the lie I had bought from the enemy almost all my life, with the Truth!
    Would that be the beginning of reparation for these broken dolls? Oh how I would so hope that it would be, at least the beginning.

  6. “We straddle the fence or compromise. When you are doing this you are gambling with your children’s spiritual lives. They will slide to Chair 3. Man reaps what he sows. Man has a tendency to always slide downward.”
    Thinking on these words from what Rena shares is very sobering. Many of us sure spend a lot on insurance in this life… to insure our belongings, our selves, families, etc. It seems the insurance worth obtaining for the Eternal safety and well-being of our children, the next generation, ourselves, is to stay in or get to chair #1.

  7. In the “3 chairs/candles under bushel baskets” analogies it seems to all boil down to one thing. Jesus is saying one thing, really….MY way or the highway! And that ‘highway’ is the broad, spacious road of compromises & excuses that leads to hell. And that narrow and strict WAY is the path (THE JESUS WAY) that leads to eternal life.

  8. Thinking on what you said MG – I thought Jesus said my road was coated with my HOLY Blood which I shed because I LOVED you so so much that I couldn’t stand not seeing you again. Please, you have a choice. Please choose Loves Highway. Im waiting at the door of Heaven to let you in if you journey on LOVES highway.

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