Karen Langford Brown ‘s Story


I have read and reread your book, “The Doll Within Me,” for several weeks, and asked God to send me His message for me to write. You see, I have to wait on the Lord and not try to go ahead of Him. 🙂 The ego likes to suppose things that aren’t necessarily so. I have always loved that Dr Dyer described the ego as “Edging God Out,” so I try to go slow and easy before proceeding.

Very, very surprised at the writing that came after much contemplation. Hope you enjoy.

Love & Blessings,

Twin meaning: one of two offspring born at the same birth. A counterpart.


When I was young and there was no money
for frivolous things such as a doll
Actual needs were so much greater
as I look back and do recall.
But then I was but a little girl
wishing for just a Barbie doll
Not understanding or realizing that
my wish was Oh, so small!

God has brought me to a time in life
where He showed me that within
He had created a beautiful doll
that was actually my twin!
He said that when I was born
her spirit was with me
She would abide with me forever
and one day I would see…

The beautiful doll that is my spirit
was always there to comfort me
Because she was sent from Heaven
to always help me be
All that He created and
that He would have me be…
Has always been in His Hands
and I am really three!

(c) 2013 Karen Langford Brown 

“Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit
gives birth to spirit.” John 3:6 NIV

32 thoughts on “Karen Langford Brown ‘s Story

  1. Amazing insight, our God!!! Excellence in thought, Karen. Created in the image of our GOD, the tri-une Being. So THAT’S the doll within!!!

  2. Thanks so much, MG. Interesting concept isn’t it? I never question, just write what is given, so many times I am amazed at what God sends. We absolutely serve a Mighty God! Love & Blessings to you! Karen

  3. Thank you for sharing your story through your lovely poem, Karen.I enjoyed reading it. And your thoughts about the ego surely does amplify and give your scripture reference real-life meaning.

    1. Thank you so much, Debi. You know we all say things like…it comes in 3’s!! Sounds about right doesn’t it. I had never thought about it until last night that satan even mimics this. There is satan, the antichrist and the false prophet! Interesting, interesting to say the least. Can talk on some deep contemplative thought.

  4. Thank you for sharing your story/poem. Thank goodness to our Almighty God who watches over us and cares for us. Thank goodness that Jesus poured in the Holy Spirit within us to help us on our life’s journey. What would we do without Him – his comfort, His caring. I found this precious Love Letter from God. By just reading it it gives encouragement and can be given to others that we might want to pray for who need encouragement or need the Lord. It’s all scriptural.

    1. Thanks Rena, I need to place this love letter in a shell or bottle and set sail on the ocean waves for others to find read and know the truth about themselves. I hope to find it each day, don’t you?

      1. Yes Sara I hope to find it each day. Last night I went to hear an evangilist speak. He spoke of others who prayed and stood by troubled youth and how important it was in his life and those who are growing up and are lot like him. He asked if we would be willing to stand in the gap in prayer for those God would bring in our path. I pray that each that come into our path will find Jesus and walk in his path long after we are gone.

      2. Rena, thanks to Dr Ron Smith encouraging us to pray for the children. Momsintouch will be meeting in Asheville NC,, 2013 first of October on this very issue! – Betty Shannon Cloyd, “Children and Prayer” writes; “What we want to do most of all is to help children find their own special way of expressing their feelings to God.” C. S. Lewis has said that in prayer we “”lay before [God] what is in us, not what ought to be in us.”” I think CS Lewis must of been thinking along the lines as Karen’s poem. When we dialogue with one another, hopefully, it gives us tools to dialogue better with a Mighty God.

      1. Thank you Karen for that Word for me. I have just gotten in from a Revive Revival with Dr. Ron Smith. His message was on the Spirit Filled Life. He said that we can go into church and be polite or we can enter and be real. We can abide or hide. We can pray or phrase. Dr. Ron Smith said the Lord says if you want my help you need to sit down and lay your mess before me. He said that once Peter went back to the place of his great weakness and sat with the Lord and got real, God greatly empowered HIM and many received the Lord Jesus. He said if we were all willing to sit and be real and wait we would all receive the Holy Spirit to be effective for Christ, which would be true revival. Thank you for your sitting, waiting, and receiving.

      2. Rena, how awesome is our God!!!! Glad you are enjoying the revival. I have noticed that God seems to pour out His Spirit in themes that we all can receive at the very same time and space just in different ways, because we are each such a distinct part of Him. Be Blessed!!

  5. “You see, I have to wait on the Lord and not try to go ahead of Him. 🙂 The ego likes to suppose things that aren’t necessarily so. I have always loved that Dr Dyer described the ego as “Edging God Out,”
    Karen, you are so right………..we have to wait on the Lord. Thanks for sharing your writing.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read it and be Blessed! We live in an instant society and it is hard to find that patience sometimes to just sit in silence with the Lord. He is always faithful, and we are the ones that to be also.

  6. My husband, Gary, in his teaching yesterday taught from Psalm 48 about the greatness of God and our praise to Him. He made a statement that seemed very profound and encouraging to me; “we will become praise.” A few hours later when I read Karen’s revelation relating to “The Doll Within Me” I heard and felt the doll stir within me, ” you are Praise.” I then recalled the cover art of the doll story and was reminded how the artist, Dawn Collins, saw three in “The Doll Within Me.” Dawn saw in art, Karen in word art that we, God’s children are His Praise. As Gary said, “God is Great, and greatly to be praised….”

    1. Yes Sara, He is greatly to be praised, and I believe He loves for us to think upon Him and give Him all the Honor, Glory and Praise. Hummm…..3’s at work. 🙂 I am also reminded of Psalms 33:12-15 NIV “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people He chose for His inheritance. From heaven the LORD looks down and sees all mankind; from His dwelling place He watches all who live on earth–He who forms the hearts of all, who considers everything they do.” Wow, does this not inform us that we serve a Mighty God?

  7. God is greatly to be praised! Sara, your comment with Karen’s writings and others’ interactions shows me the value of the words found in Isaiah 28:9-10 (NKJV)
    “Whom will he teach knowledge?
    And whom will he make to understand the message?
    Those just weaned from milk?
    Those just drawn from the breasts?
    For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept,
    Line upon line, line upon line,
    Here a little, there a little.”

    1. Thanks Gary for this instructive reminder. So very interesting….for the last few weeks I have been diligently trying to teach and instruct my ladies class to connect each line to make a whole. They were getting so frustrated trying to hold on to this principle. You and Karen have mortared the joints! Hopefully, it bonds!

    2. Yes, words are very valuable in our lives. God did speak the world into existence! Precept upon precept we build our foundation and that is always in the Lord. Thank you for this most important reminder!

  8. I love Karen Brown’s poem, I like the idea that my spirit is my twin. I used to pretend I had a twin, She was with me all the time. I would talk to her constantly! She did everything with me! Somewhere along the way though I let go of her, big mistake I think now as tears fill my eyes and I miss something I didn’t even know I was missing until now! Thanks so much Sara for sharing this!! I needed it! I’m going to talk to my twin now and apologize for leaving her behind and promise to never do it again~

    1. Dawn, angels are with you rejoicing! I am, too! We are united in love as we share life as twin sisters together. I, share tears with you. We are so blessed to have your art grace these pages and our hearts which reveal many secrets and make us strong together. :)ing at you. Peace!

    2. Oh Dawn, thank you so much for validating this writing in your life! You are Blessed with creating beautiful art from your spirit and our Lord’s Heavenly abode. I believe that we all lose sight of the fact that we are not this body, but spirit! AND though we don’t understand how…an intricate part of His Spirit too! Sara, was so kind to share with me your blog this morning and it was GREAT! I wanted to comment but didn’t know how. We all have tremendous stories of this life lived on earth, learning our lessons in various ways. My Lord has made it very clear to me that we always have a choice! We can choose Blessings or curses, we have the free will to always choose which one it will be. The wonderful God-given 12 step programs have helped so many people dealing with various things. I would like to encourage you to always remember the first 3 (there is that number again), in my own paraphrase is 1. I can’t. 2. He can and 3. So I will choose to let Him!

      Dr David Jeremiah says, “We are free to take God at His Word when He says, ‘Fear Not’. So this gives us the freedom to move from the ‘fear knots’ to ‘ fear nots’!!!”

      This is a special writing given for you this day as i wrote to you.

      Break forth from the chains that bind you
      into His lasting Peace
      He will keep you in perfect peace
      when all your striving does cease.
      Greet Him in the morning and
      Thank Him at end of day
      For He will surely keep you
      in His arms to stay!

      Be Blessed special child of our most High God

      1. Karen! You and Sara keep bringing me to tears! and I don’t cry! ever! I’m going to copy that poem and keep it forever! Thank you for listening and hearing it and sharing it!! You have no idea what those words mean to me!!! I can’t stress it enough, it means so much! I am so thankful to Sara for starting all this!!! Peace and Great Big Hugs to you Both!!!

      2. Peace and hugs back to you, Dawn! I got a secret package from you today! WOW, draw, paint and now crochet. You are a gift.

    3. Dawn, how absolutely intriguing that you knew as a child that you had a spirit -twin within…that doll that Sara, too, discovered, as a child and that God spoke within Karen to write about in poetry. The Scripture chorus sings, “Build us together, O Lord into a house of living stone.” Here we are being introduced to one another…stone to stone, brick to brick…as Karen quoted above…until we come into the UNITY of GOD’S Son.

  9. i am also rejoicing with you Dawn. I so have and am enjoying your art which has meant so much to me. I imagine the angels are dancing in heaven today over lunch with the King. So God so loved Dawn! Peace!

  10. Tonight was the last night of revival with Dr. Ron Brown. As has been the message confirms this blog. 3’s – God the Father, God the Son, God the Spirit – God loves relationships. Paul had great joy at the end of his life because God had done everything to have a relationship which we see in our lives. Dr. Brown said that it is more important to know God as a personal person rather than just what He did for you. We are interpersonal and interrelational. He believed that through interpersonal relationship with God that it could spark a revival. Someone through their search of the Bible can find gold nugget in the living Word of life to cause a rivival like unto Martin Luther someday.

    He went on to say that we as humans sometimes hold unto quilt. He said that he had done this and went into the church and closed the doors and prayed and prayed about the guilt. The Holy Spirit finally said, “Ron get off your knees, I don’t know what you are talking about.” When Jesus sets you free there is a newest to your life, you get to start over again. Psalms 103:12 King James Bible
    As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us.
    Thus there is no rememberance of the past sins.

    1. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!! My writing today for the magazine was about…how every day a new beginning….just like manna from Heaven fresh everyday! Thanks for sharing! Love & Blessings

    1. Love the lilt of Dawn’s writings. Thanks, Sara.
      In the Book of Revelation Jesus says to the church at Ephesus, ‘go back and do the first things that you did when you first fell in love with ME.” Seems like the poets and artists on this blog are returning to their first loves…as that which we loved in the very beginning when we were still fresh from the Father’s Spirit. This is truly a lively-hued damask.

  11. Thanks Sara for sharing Dawn’s blog. I so love her art and have much of it displayed all around the office where I spend many hours. I really enjoyed reading her blog! What was interesting to me was that Dawn spent her afternoon on a colorful patchwork blanket. This seems to symbolically represent all that was woven and sewn into her ‘yesterday’ and her ‘today’ from her readings both from books and from The Daily Lily and then the blog writings.
    As I read this Lily blog, the comments, then Dawn’s blog and all the connections and links I really do see a beautiful patchwork work of art.

  12. I love seeing how God can bless his people, especially when we are all willing to be real. Karen and Dawn, so happy to have you beautiful ladies on the lily, interacting, writing, and drawing, about our awesome God. 🙂

    1. You are right, Tammy! If we only knew the value of being real! We are diamonds. Real genuine jewels. Not those man made fakes. Now maybe our purse might say the imitation for body but not when it comes to spirit! We can have the real!

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