Stay Awhile

Stay Awhile

Stay Awhile
And see what I have to say.
Toads, frogs and crocodiles
Know the value of staying awhile.

Wait at your post gate,
for entrance is only seconds away.
You’ll hear the sound
And straight through you’ll go.

Your gait and my harness
Will train the soul.
Soothe the emotions.
Heal the psyche and
Set your spirit free.

Splashes of color
From rays of the sun
Begin to form crystal beads
That glimmer like the seas.

When only you stay awhile
You will see
Awhile is rest in the bosom of God.
The sound you will hear is the
Gentle tick of the Father’s Heart.

Yes, stay awhile and love
Will implode while negatives float away.
It’s worth the life of toad, frog, crocodile
To stay awhile and find your Doll.

(C)Sara Craddock 10/3/13

art by Deborah Chaves, see books at

27 thoughts on “Stay Awhile

  1. I love Stay Awhile Sara!! It’s so meaningful and whimsical and uplifting all at once! You are a true visionary! ~Peace

    1. Dawn, I believed your words as they were full of power; Sara, “You are a true visionary!” I started my dream and my dreams are walking, talking and living….still going on! Hey, Lilies lets all catch the vision as the toads, frogs and crocodile makes their appearance and gives us a call. 🙂

  2. Thanks Dawn! Your words described just how I was feeling as I wrote today, Thursday, Oct. 3, 2013 as I sat in the DC area and watched a police chase, killing the driver of car, a lady, and a baby aboard. Hearing; “attack on the White House, now the Capital, and the story continued one shot and another….officers shot but alive and the drama just continues on. ” what could I do, but stay awhile! Yes, Peace!

  3. Love it . Talented you are, you are! Busy preparing for the stormy “Karen”. Can’t believe they’ll use my name! Don’t want harm to come to anyone. Keep up the great work Sara!

    1. Karen, prayers of safety in the warning path of threatened Karen. Peace be still. Seems storms of all sorts are raging all around, and yet The Maker of land, sea and sky speaks; peace be still!

      The thought of toads, frogs and crocodiles all give me whimsical thoughts to rev up my faith, prayer, deeds which punch holes in darkness producing joy, peace, love.

      Just think, I read, “Frogs and toads are amphibians, animals who begin their lives in the water (breathing with gills) and then, during maturity, live on land (breathing with lungs). The word amphibian means “double life.” Frogs and toads are found all around the world, on all continents except Antarctica.” Now, wonder how that crocodile figures in this thing?

      1. Oh, yes, the power of suggestion! I asked the question above, “wonder how the crocodile figures in the…” Just before I turned out the night night. Oh ho ha yip yay, mind of thought really works. I woke up with the power of the crocodile. I was dancing and singing to the coffee; “see you later alligator, after awhile crocodile.”

    2. Karen, our sister, I see you are blessed and the storm has passed you bye. I paused by the frog pond and heard a few frogs and gave God thanks for the ‘karen’ that slightly you and gave you rest!

  4. Sara, I love your poem…the flow and the way it reads. It is a beckoning poem from the way it is written to the word pictures themselves. And best of all I know that your poems are always straight from the heart of God and given by the Spirit to do the things They both want to do in the readers’ lives.

  5. Sara, I love your poem and the beautiful art above. Amazing how you illustrate with words, God’s peace and healing ………when we “stay awhile.”

    1. Thanks Debi and Tammy! I do love the power of words. Proverbs 18:21 from the pen of wisdom man gives us a word picture as well, “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” Just think of the power we hold in/on the tongue. One thought I had today while listening to the pain and struggle of one of God’s children telling how another withheld sharing of info. was, who is going to eat the fruit and which fruit will it be? I love this part of the poem;
      “Your gait and my harness
      Will train the soul.
      Soothe the emotions.
      Heal the psyche and
      Set your spirit free.”

      1. “Who, (indeed), is going to eat of THAT fruit and which fruit will it be?” Great thought-provoking words. We will be held responsible for every idle word (and idle thought that we nurse) and the fruit of it might be most bitter!

  6. Sara, I am enthralled with your “wordsmanship”. Your FATHER has that gift. Must be where you got it!!! Praise God. “Your thoughts are as the pen of a ready writer” to rephrase a Word….

    1. In continuing with the dialogue of words, MG, mentioned the bitter fruit we might taste when words have gone askew, and that’s putting it mildly. proverbs 25:11. Once again quoting the words of the Wise,”Like apples of gold in settings of silver Is a word spoken in right circumstances.” I think we could say a little civility in our homes, work, government and play could be a better soap for cleansing than “as The World Turns.” Time to bring out the old vinyls and spin the needle! See you later Alligater, after awhile Crocodile.

      Please, stay awhile, and visualize Jesus putting healing hands on that moment of hurt, angry and pain transforming it. In this way, hurts will have no place to gather and fester. Toads, frogs and…….see you later alligator. Sara

      1. Why thank you Sara….to God be the glory for the gift of music He has given me. I want to glorify Him with that lovely gift.
        Oh, that I may be playing a white, ivory concert grand piano in Heaven. And will give concerts for the Lord Jesus Christ and Father God that will please them. That is my hope & wish and prayer. He will give me new songs and poems that He has created [and probably some of yours] and all the cherubic choirs will sing along. Maybe Debi will be there with her ivory, electric guitar with 20 strings and she & I will play amazingly, AMAZING GRACE. We will be singing and harmonizing in tune. You, Sara, will be leading the worship along with the angelic hosts. The focus is our Lord and Savior and Abba Father on the throne. We are rehearsing now, on earth, and preparing for our concerts around the glassy sea before the throne of God.
        This is something to think & dream about, huh? Oh wow.!!!!!!!

  7. “Toads, frogs and crocodiles
    Know the value of staying awhile.”
    The toads and frogs know that if they sit quietly on a LILY pad, watching and waiting, that eventually a bug/mosquito will come along and they will get a good meal! The crocodile hides out in the water doing the same but he could make an unsuspecting or careless person his meal!
    So I think this verse from the poem can serve as a warning example to us. If we are careless with our words, don’t watch what we are doing, have dull minds, are apathetic, get off course in territory we shouldn’t be in, we may end up as someone’s meal.
    I better make sure I ‘Wait at your post gate” and are close enough to the Father and His will that I hear the “Gentle tick of the Father’s Heart”. Otherwise I may be deceived and be hearing the tick-tock of the clock in the crocodile more in pursuit of me than Captain Hook.

  8. I have read and reread. What a joy to read. It says to me staying in the presence of the Lord will cause the peace of the Lord to flow in and through my life and His love will come forth to touch others for Him but first I must bask in HIS presence and receive from HIM as I have nothing in me to give out of value. As I bask and sit in His presence hopefully I will receive a pinch of LOVE and creativeness (as He as so so so much we cannot imagine). Thank you Lord for your portion that I may use it to help someone.

      1. Rena, you gave us lesson on spiritual gestation. When we wait awhile in His presence we will conceive and development in the mind the very thing that God knows would be His help to another. Then we will be like the frog and toad come on land and breathe with lungs. The very breathe of God and His love.

        Hey, I love poetry? It brightens the mind.

  9. Right you are, Sara. The Father has opened the floodgates of creativity among His LILIES and the inspiration is flowing and flowing. Keep it up and keep it going as past your crocodile we keep rowing. Was that a smirk or that a smile? Hmmm, I think on the banks I will rest awhile.

  10. “Wait at your post gate,
    for entrance is only seconds away.
    You’ll hear the sound
    And straight through you’ll go.

    Your gait and my harness
    Will train the soul.”

    This says to me that we have a race to run and finish a winner in order to receive the Victor’s Crown at the end.
    How I can hear the announcer’s voice at the horse race track saying “the horses are at the post”. In seconds they would all be in the starting gate waiting to hear the bell to release the gate while the announcer calls ‘they’re off!’. Straight through they must go, harnessed with a racing bit to guide them through their course where gait would make the difference between a win or a loss. Often a comment would be at the finish that the winner had heart and was well-trained…these are virtues beyond natural ability.

  11. Giving our faith a voice is a power wave breaker as well. Have you ever sit by a pond about midnight on a hot summer night and listen to the power voice of a old sounding bullfrog? I have and it lights/wakes up the night with its voice.,
    “And since we have the same spirit of faith, according to what is written, ‘I believed and therefore I spoke,’ we also believe and therefore speak.”
    (2 Corinthians 4:13, NKJV)

  12. “When only you stay awhile
    You will see
    Awhile is rest in the bosom of God.
    The sound you will hear is the
    Gentle tick of the Father’s Heart.”

    On a recent visit to my little hideaway in NC where frogs, toads and even gators may well reside I saw and heard the gentle tick of the Father’s heart as I rested in the bosom of My Father. I walked outside on a tiny deck to let me dog run after a long night of listening to hard rain. I raised an old golf like umbrella that I purposely left in place for a day like this. As I ease the old crane up I looked and a little toad was taking a ride? Once up he/she sit upside down and stayed awhile and I did as well. We enjoyed the gentle breeze of a Autumn wind and a trickling rain. I knew then I was hearing the tick of Father’s heart. Be still, stay awhile, peace, be calm and rest under the umbrella of My wings. Focus on the little frog that never even moved a tiny bit from it’s niche! Lessons can be learned from little creatures as they may just understand the power of “staying awhile.”

  13. Beautiful addition to poem. I so love the hide away, sitting and listening to the frogs and fish jumping about with a owl call once in awhile. As you say they certainly know how to Stay Awhile. Their sounds are so peaceful as you sit, lay, or pray awhile. The healing porch as I call it is the same way. One could stay awhile and hopefully hear the Father’s heart ticking and reaching out to heal the hurts of the past and now. Today in BSF for the three year olds we talked out four of the beatitudes and how as we are obedient God lifts us into his heart pocket to keep up close to His heart and to bless us with joy and happiness. May all who stay awhile hear the heart of God as they rest in His Heart Pocket today.

    1. Sara asked me earlier today if I knew what workbook of hers ‘Heart Pocket’ was from. I remembered the word she used and did some investigation and found the following which shared w/ her and then she asked me to share as Rena had talked about the pocket yesterday in her above comment.
      I found some notes in my notebook from Sara’s “4 Bees of Giftings” retreat where Sara taught: “Reframe your thinking; change your heart from ‘Heart pocket’s (full of untruths) to Heart pocket (full of truth). I also had a note on Sara’s ” The 4 Bees of Giftings” workbook, page 6 of “The Bee of Blossoming” where she wrote : “Proverbs says that understanding is like a well within and the wise person draws it out.” I had a note that ‘well’ was ‘pocket’

  14. I love this poem! I’m loving poetry more each day! It distills a long story in short phrases that when I “Stay Awhile” in the phrases I’m enlightened in ways that may have only been dreams for years. As I ponder the words of Morris, I see poetry as the open door to to a truth…
    “TRUE DELIGHT in God’s ways sometimes comes only after the discomfiting loss of various forms of ignorance, illusion, and innocence. Looked at this way, disillusionment can be seen as an event of purifying grace, an open door toward wisdom.”
    –Robert Corin Morris- A Guide to Prayer for All Who Walk with God

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