Stay Awhile

Stay Awhile
And see what I have to say.
Toads, frogs and crocodiles
Know the value of staying awhile.

Wait at your post gate,
for entrance is only seconds away.
You’ll hear the sound
And straight through you’ll go.

Your gait and my harness
Will train the soul.
Soothe the emotions.
Heal the psyche and
Set your spirit free.

Splashes of color
From rays of the sun
Begin to form crystal beads
That glimmer like the seas.

When only you stay awhile
You will see
Awhile is rest in the bosom of God.
The sound you will hear is the
Gentle tick of the Father’s Heart.

Yes, stay awhile and love
Will implode while negatives float away.
It’s worth the life of toad, frog, crocodile
To stay awhile and find your Doll.

(C)Sara Craddock 10/3/13

art by Deborah Chaves, see books at