Rena's Doll Story

Told and illustrated by Rena Oynes from her Journal pages of “The Doll Within Me” from Sara Craddock’s Doll Book. I hope all that read this book will write their story and share.

When I was young my Dad would always wait until Christmas Eve to get a doll for each of his little girls. As I have thought about it there was never really enough money for the dolls so the last minute shopping meant the dolls were at a much lower price. There was no getting the doll everyone else had, but at least it was a doll. Later as time went by he would place the doll under the Christmas tree to remind him of us as we sometimes did not come home for Christmas. How precious. My own Mom would make dolls for people who needed a special touch. She was drawn to people who had children with cancer and would make dolls with their clothing for them. One little girl was buried with her doll. My mother made dolls for her future grandchildren and made one to be baby Jesus when Christmas pageants occurred. Recently one was used to tell the story of baby Jesus at a BSF Children’s meeting. Somehow dolls seem to grab hold of our emotions.

I was so fortunate for so long to work with children in the public school setting. With retirement I find myself going back to my roots with a Mom who had a love for children of all ages and loved to see them happy with each doll given. A few years ago Dorothy who was a Lily and I designed a pattern for a doll that we liked that was put into Samaritan Purse Christmas boxes. Many wonderful Lilies participated and we all had great fun doing a project that we knew would touch the lives of the children who received them. I even saw a husband of one of the wives who was deligently working on a doll sit in the floor listening and observing his wife’s delight over the little doll. At that time I never thought I’d be making dolls again. Here I am and when the call came, I thought yes Lord, I like my Mom, would love to touch another with a special gift of a doll. My mother crocheted hers but I can sew and paint so as you see this little creation is sewn and painted to bring about her character. I pray the woman who receives will be so excited as I was to see her take form in my hands. Poor thing had to take many a scissor and needle, plus globs of paint, cloth, lace and yarn. Yes this is a new season of my life. I can say honestly that God has something for every season of our lives. What a precious God we serve. I would have never guessed that God would have moved me to Alabama and used my love of HIS children of all ages, sewing and painting to bless his people. Thank you God. I LOVE YOU.