Acts 2:46

By Tammy Holton
Have you ever gone to a local butcher to buy meats? Your
plans were to buy sausage and maybe some pork chops, at the most, 8 or 10, but when the lady behind the counter ask you how many you wanted, you tell her 14. Two days later you discover why 14 pork chops, was in God’s plans…..two precious friends were able to come and sit at your table and dine, with your family. The blessing of sharing a little food with others and preparing a special desert, to brighten another. And, the most amazing part of God’s plan they were on a mission of helps to another. And, needed a kindness stop to refresh and revive them on their travels!

Have you read or heard God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform? (Matthew 15:32-39) When I think of how Jesus fed the multitude with fish and loaves, I think on food and numbers He must know His math! And, miracles he performs at the hands of our small task? What a wonder!

“…and shared their meals with great joy and generosity–” Acts 2:46 Love, from Tammy, Chris, Nicholas and Nathaniel Holton