Listen to your heart!

Listen to your heart!

“Have you ever held something in your heart and wanted it to talk and just couldn’t find the words? I think artist have a way of speaking that gives your secrets away. I saw the work of this artist today; and thought, how can she reveal my secrets like this?
Would just love to hear from you on what these ear-bugs might be saying?” Sara

Violette, the artist says; “Hello Creatives! I made this little heart this morning for my messy art daily challenge!
It was pretty messy as it was painted entirely on a piece of cardboard with my fingers! I figured little headphones listening to a heart were kind of cute and appropriate. To me “listen to your heart” means going within if you have a question. You can listen to your heart by being still and noticing the changes inside. Do you feel a queasiness, a tightening or do you have a sense of expansion and joy that bubbles up inside when you think about your question?

Often i say yes to things too quickly before checking inside if it’s a right fit for me then i end up feeling overwhelmed. The ball is either dropped or I perform the task grudgingly which means my whole heart won’t be into it. Can you relate to this? Do you regularly check inside when you have an important decision to make?”

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Violette (Author)

15 thoughts on “Listen to your heart!

  1. Oh what a beautiful piece of art which speaks volumes. I love the ear plugs. I’m afraid at times the ear plugs would hear unspeakable joy and at other times yeaks! tears, disappointments, sadness, and rehashing past hurts or failures, pleadings with the Father to forgive, and joy unspeakable as the Father forgives and I am set free to again to fly like an eagle and to be creative and to help someone along the way which gives me the greatest joy.

    Yesterday with the three year old class at BSF we talked about the beattitudes and I misspelled for a reason. Our attitudes change with our obedience to God. God will place us close to his heart. The more cleaning of our heart the clearer the beat of the Father. I was so touched as children and teachers alike wanted their names put inside the heart of God. A set of twins insisted their precious older sister be added to the group of little hearts inside God’s big smiling heart pocket. These precious children’s ear plugs could hear the Father’s joy and love over them and over their families. With the world grabbing for our attention in negative ways, it is so nice when we give all our problems and negative worldly issues to Jesus. We begin hearing His voice singing over and through us, guiding and directing our steps daily. Even his corrective steps are done in much love to direct our lives – strengthen us in character.

    Your heart design has bold bright colors with gold dust sprinkled. May the BOLD heart depicted by you the artist be listening to the BOLD Words of the LORD and be heard over and over again in the heart. The fruit of this listening will bring change to the world and flavor the world wherever it goes. (Pretty amazing to me that what you hear over and over again you become.) So Lord just keep pouring in your WORD, singing it, shouting it, and causing me to throw out anything in my personal heart pockets that do NOT line up with your Words. I want to HEAR your Heart clearly oh Lord.

  2. Jesus says that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks… and it would follow that….the ears hear. Our ears listen and hear what comes out of our mouths i.e. (that which proceeds out of our hearts). Jesus also says that faith comes by hearing. So if words of faith proceed from our hearts into our mouths continually, then perhaps we can understand the artiste explanation of why she might have thought of ear phones. Interesting that they were ear buds….to hear rather than to block out sound.
    I agree with you, Sara. And for me, this delightful and thoughtful painting bespeaks an epistle and a Gospel message within its framework. In this work I see the messages of a hundred devotionals, a hundred bible lessons, a hundred sermons, a Sistine Chapel, a Michelangelo. The longer you look the more one sees.
    Thanks for sharing this with us. I love it.

  3. I found the background newspaper ‘art’ to be significant in my interpretation of the overall artistic meaning.
    So much ‘news’ nowadays. And so much in the ‘news’ is colored by people’s perspectives and emotions and objectives.That can become a lot of distracting background noise that can interfere with listening to the heart of God. It doesn’t seem to stop, but by plugging in to the sounds and music of heaven, we can draw closer to the heart of God.
    Practically, one way that helps me to do this is to get alone with my guitar and sing praises and prayers to Him.

  4. Luke 6:45, Dr. Luke gives another word visual with these words; A good person brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart,…” So my heart is like my IPOD loaded with my favorite music….It will play whatever I wish if I have programmed it to do so. I load my ears with my earbuds and scan my list and touch the screen and happy am I. My heart is a pocket loaded with programs. I have control of what goes in and what I allow to play. My heart is a pocket of wishes! Desires! Hopes and Dreams! Shuffle the pocket and shake the unused and play the dream and the mouth will sing along to just the right tune. Lots of control on my gadgets and my soul heart will do no less.

    Love the work of Violette. Be sure to check out her journal on Amazon! Christmas is only days away and it tops my list!

    1. Thanks for sharing Violette’s art and Journal info, Sara. It looks wonderful and I just ordered mine! I ‘looked inside’ and loved the artwork and color I saw Violette!

      1. I’m jealous, Debi, I plan to top my list for Christmas with Violette’s journal. See both you, MG and Rena have one on the way. Can’t wait for your reviews and the bursting of new art from all three of you!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing my art and words Sara with your blog readers! I love the interpretations your readers have for it – it only deepens my understanding of why i created this piece… many layers and so many meanings. I think if we listen Spirit/God will give us messages that can be understood on many different levels.
    Love, Violette

  6. Hello Sara – i tried posting a comment and I’m not sure if it took or not? I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing my art and words with your readers. Reading their comments really brought to light how many different levels this piece can be taken on. It sure deepened my understanding of what Spirit was telling me when i couldn’t sleep at 4 am in the morning! I’m so happy that it spoke to some of your readers as well!

    Love, Violette xo

    1. Thank you, Violette, it such an honor to have you share your art and love with so many. I have received calls, texts, and emails from others that are not ready to write on blog but feel the healing of your art! I love how spirit speaks to spirit ! Ethereal you are and limitless is your hearing!

    2. Violette! Your delightful art sprinkled with shiny glitter so calls to mind for me our glittering blogmaster. When I first met Sara, I noted immediately her boldness on the artistic pages of her booklets, journals & workbooks that she designed. They were brightly colorful and most of all glittery! I immediately revamped my taste in things artistic and now am ever drawn to the bright, the shiny, the colorful, the glitter and the glorious; [preparation for the promised world to come, perhaps?]
      I do love your artwork and so glad Sara introduced you to us on the LILY.

  7. Violette,
    I LOVE your art and words. This quote by H. Jackson Brown, Jr seems to encourage one to “listen to your heart”, doesn’t it?

    “Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.”

    1. Brown makes me believe the heart could possibly wears glasses! I’m thinking heart does have eyes because I have heard heart eyes can have cataracts. Also, there is a salve one can buy to heal the eyes! Eyes can see but not see. The more I ponder the quote from Brown that Tammy shares I’m thinking; sure glad he said “sometimes.”

  8. The heart must have eyes, Sara, because the apostle Paul prayed a prayer for these eyes that may be dim or dark.
    “I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people,” Ephesians 1:18

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