Listen to your heart!

“Have you ever held something in your heart and wanted it to talk and just couldn’t find the words? I think artist have a way of speaking that gives your secrets away. I saw the work of this artist today; and thought, how can she reveal my secrets like this?
Would just love to hear from you on what these ear-bugs might be saying?” Sara

Violette, the artist says; “Hello Creatives! I made this little heart this morning for my messy art daily challenge!
It was pretty messy as it was painted entirely on a piece of cardboard with my fingers! I figured little headphones listening to a heart were kind of cute and appropriate. To me “listen to your heart” means going within if you have a question. You can listen to your heart by being still and noticing the changes inside. Do you feel a queasiness, a tightening or do you have a sense of expansion and joy that bubbles up inside when you think about your question?

Often i say yes to things too quickly before checking inside if it’s a right fit for me then i end up feeling overwhelmed. The ball is either dropped or I perform the task grudgingly which means my whole heart won’t be into it. Can you relate to this? Do you regularly check inside when you have an important decision to make?”

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Violette (Author)