7 thoughts on “Piney Grove, NC Campaign

  1. Just love this shirt. I’m so happy I signed up to get one. Having been in this little church, knowing so many have enriched it by giving legs and hands to their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ over the years, I wondered. If the walls of Piney Grove could speak to us today, what stories would they speak of. Would they speak of a people who were humble and were there for others in their life journeys. Where the journeys hard, difficult, glorious, or mixed of all? Where the people who came forth humble developed and honed by the love for the Lord finding that in the end that is all that really counts – I think so! From visiting there I get a feeling that is absolutely true. Oh the stories of the Bible spoken of and the glory of the words of the old hymns song with a passion of one who had gone through life living the words of the old hymns they sang.
    I surely hope that everyone would purchase this beautiful shirt to support a life giving church, a newest in the form of an addition to carry on the legacy of Jesus in their giving of legs and hands to their faith.

    1. Rena, I so agree with you and wonder the same on the saints of old! In their beginnings, in the late 1800’s wonder if they even had a telephone? Certainly no computers! They built a little church on farmland that stands today. Stories are told through a graveyard with names, dates and epithets. Families, friends and neighbors still have much to add. When I think of buying a Tshirt from a website that will help build an addition I pause and ponder what stories may just someday be told!

      We, friends of the lily, are always welcomed with a hug and sharing of faith. Give ourselves a thumbs up in knowing we cared about the history and future of one of a Gods special abodes!

    1. Tammy, I just saw 45 have been sold with 10 days to go. Wonder how many locals you know that might want to sport around with Pea Ridge and bridge on shirt! I do! I heard they are going to wear their shirts in the local Christmas parade.

      You can click on link below the shirt and follow the campaign. It’s a great church and I know you love the Pastor and wife just as the members there do!

  2. The artwork on the shirts is great! I love Customink and their quality T’s and can’t wait until the ones I ordered arrive. I believe it is a real privilege and honor to be able to support the Piney Grove Church campaign and pray that they will exceed their goal of 100 shirts. Helping to build and support God’s kingdom by a T-shirt purchase is exciting!

  3. Dear Lois, so proud of you girl!

    You sure fit the mighty example from the book of James that paints a visual picture of faith with works! Also, we could call you modern day Lydia, (seller of purple) designer Tshirts.

    Your name will be forever inscribe in the talking walls of the church! You inspire many!

    Love and hugs,

    If you want to order a Tshirt(s) to support building a fellowship hall for Piney Grove Church, Pea Ridge,NC, click on link under the shirt. Lois is listed as contact if more info is needed.

  4. 7 days to go! Lois is working with her head and heart to meet the goal of 100. I think they have sold 55! If they meet the goal of 100, it will be over $1000 to help build the fellowship hall of a little historic church! Give “Piney Grove” your prayers! And, if you haven’t already ordered check the shirts and see if you or your Christmas list could use one or more!

    Customink has made it so easy to order and they are great Tshirts!

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