Sunday evening I had the wonderful privilege of hearing Dr. Fred Wolfe do a revival service at Jubliee Baptist, Dalphne, Al on the topic – Ministry to the Brokenhearted.  It was a powerful and timely message to so all who are brokenhearted.

 Right away he said:

1.  Jesus understands and feels your broken heart.

2.  Jesus is present today to heal the broken hearted.

3.  He invites the broken hearted to come to Him.

He read John 11: 1-7 telling the story of The Death of Lazarus.

Also; MATTHEW 11:28-

Jesus can do the following:

1.  Heal a heart broken by grief (grief is not a sin) by prayer and the Word of God.

2.  Heal broken hearted of guilt.  We need to confess, accept responsibility, get honest about our part

3.  Heal a heart broken by rejection.  This is when someone who is important in your life rejects you.  They have turned you off.  (Rejection is a root, anger is the fruit.  If you suppress the anger you get depression).

4.  Heal heart broken by abuse.

To get healed, you need to:

1.  Come in Faith

2. Come with an obedient heart

3.  We have to forgive whatever or whoever broke our heart.

It is hard to forgive.  The pain is real that is why it is so hard.

Why should we forgive?  God told us to forgive.  

You have to go over your emotions to be healed.  

If you choose to forgive God will heal your broken heartedness.

Forgiveness does not mean approval.  The action was/is wrong and always will be wrong.  Remember God forgave us of our sins and he never approved of any of them.

Three Ways to Forgive

1.  Cancel the debt.

2.  Cut the cord.  (If you don’t cut the cord you will have a rope around your neck and a rope around the person’s neck which links you together and you drag him/her around with you wherever you go.)

3.  Let them out of the cage.  (We need to let them out of the cage for good, instead of taking them out of the cage and beating them up and then putting them back in the cage.)

Remember in Colossians 2:14 NLT He canceled the record that contained the charges against us. He took it and destroyed it by nailing it to Christ’s cross.

Therefore we should do the following.  Let them out of the cage and throw the cage away.  

Remember forgiveness is a lifestyle.  Forgiveness is not an emotion it is a choice that is why it is hard.

 Dr. Wolfe then led us in prayer of forgiveness for anyone we needed to forgive letting them out of the cage and throwing away the cage.

What a power teaching we need to implement in our lives.