Power of Praying for Your Adult Children

Power of Praying for Your Adult Children

By Stormie Omartian
“Lord, I lift my adult children up to You and ask that You would put a hedge of protection around them. Protect their spirits, bodies, minds, and emotions from any kind of evil or harm. I pray specifically for protection from accidents, disease, injury, or any other abuse. Keep them safe from any hidden dangers and let no weapon formed against them prosper. Thank You, Lord, for Your many promises of protection. Keep them safe in all they do and wherever they go.”
-Power of Praying for Your Adult Children http://stormie.co/fM

5 thoughts on “Power of Praying for Your Adult Children

  1. The Scriptures say to train up a child toward the bent that he/she should go and when they are “old”-er they will not depart. Praying for them not just when they are babies and little kiddies but all through the myriad phases of their lives is a wonderful and fruitful practice.
    Isaiah 49 & 60 says, “thy sons shall come from far; born again sons shall come from the furthest parts of the earth, where they are, and incorporate themselves with their brethren:
    And thy daughters shall be nursed at thy side; by the ministers of the word, and with the sincere milk of the word and the breasts of Gospel ordinances; see 1 Thessalonians 2:7.

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