What did you just say?

I have been walking around trying to say continually, The Lord has pleasure in my prosperity. Really,? Peace, Joy, Love, Prosperity, Health, Hope and bundles more. I love all these items on my list of; ‘to have and to hold forever more!’  If I have, I can give wherever I go or more appropriately for my day, wherever my fingers go on my IPad. When my thoughts flow off I strew a few of those good seeds in their or it’s way.  What did you just say?

I’m a believer that say brings Vision and Vision brings the reality of things. And, hopefully, those things will bring pleasure to The Lord! Hey, what did you just say?

“…let them say continually, ‘Let the Lord be magnified, Who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.’ ”
(Psalm 35:27, NKJV)

9 thoughts on “What did you just say?

  1. “The Lord has pleasure in my prosperity” and “If I have, I can give ” seem to me these two thngs must be connected for the Lord to be ‘magnified’. Personally, my perspective is that the only reason to be prosperous is in order to give. That keeps the flow going.
    So thankful, Sara, you have this gift of Vision” and Vision brings the reality of things”… Where would the building be…or the construction workers…without the architect?

    1. The word that comes to my mind from Debi’s question is haphazard.

      And, Rena gave the definition of architect in her comment below.

      Now, it’s time to find Waldo, nope, yourself in the picture?

  2. Last night at Wednesday service the pastor spoke on Philippians 2 which seems to go along with this blog. He said that Timothy and Epaphroditus were true servants of the Lord. They sought to serve others rather than self. Epaphroditus was even dismayed that when he was sick in Rome (almost died) that people in Philippi would worry over him being ill. Pastor went on to say this type of servanthood (sacrificial/encouragers) comes with a cost such as money, illness, refocus on others needs. In having a servant’s heart you may also face rejection, criticism, giving up of your time, danger of being over loaded, becoming dirty or stinky.

    He went on to talk about a servant in the church. She was an older lady who had a husband who had a very bad stroke. This stroke caused him to be bedridden for some years. The wife tenderly cared for her husband’s every physical need. She read the bible to him a lot which seem to give the man great comfort. She never complained. She did so with much love. He and another elder would go to try encourager her as caretaker and visit with the man. He said that everytime he left there he was the one who felt encouraged. He said that you would not read about her as a headline in a newpaper but what she did brought a big reward (prosperity) in heaven.

    Jesus was the focus in these peoples lives. Jesus by example gave form (architect) to the spiritual character of what we should become – a servant who invest in peoples lives. He did it by dieing on the cross for our sins so we might repent of our sins and live with Him forever. The Master’s Caring Touch/ seer into the needs of His people are examples that He wants us to carry out in this life. Thanks to those like Sara who see a need and touches the hearts and lives of people by giving legs to the need. Certainly she has invested the master’s money in a most excellent way and God says well done my good and faithful servant I will prosper you by giving you more to do.

    1. The pastor had a very encouraging teaching as are Rena’s words! How we have need to encourage and be encouraged. This shows us how very connected we all are. When you read his sermon notes as Rena gives carefully you become keenly aware that our needs and the needs of others are properly connected as a fish to water, bird to tree, bee to blossom, and many other communities we could have fun and gain insight by naming.

      I see there is a time, place, space for where and how I connect. Notes gives Cross, Jesus, purpose! Hearing the Easter story of dying/resurrection gives a hand/ear to the hearer and opportunity/privilege to connect The Cross of Jesus, and receive the benefits to enjoy and freely share to increase the joy from which the flow living waters flow. Now, the fish connect water community becomes boat connect fisherman! I will stop here but if you are thinking where is she going with this it is the parables and stories of Jesus.

  3. Sara, this blog is really “of the hour”, [of course!] It is most interesting & brings up questions to be resolved by each believer. I am referring to a comment [in ETH-S* newsletter] of Pastor Gary Whetstone, where he cited 1Cor. 3:11-15. This Scripture speaks of the the day when our works and deeds will be judged by the Lord. I will paraphrase. Those works & deeds that God has NOT inspired, however “nice or good” are adjudged to be built of our own accord upon Christ’s Foundation. People may have felt they were the ‘right thing’ Pastor Whetstone remarks, but God had not told them to do that or those particular things.

    *Endtime Handmaidens-Servants

  4. Rena’s comment ‘I will prosper you by giving you more to do’ seems to give the reason why the writer of the above Psalm is able to write ‘let them say continually’. ‘They’ can say continually The Lord be magnified because their jobs never run out. As soon as they give out, they get refilled to give out again, and on and on and on.

  5. Connect fisherman to fisherman’s line…line upon line, precept upon precept… connect to the big catch….catching men for the Kingdom like placing the good fish in the basket bad fish discarded… connect to the last judgement …..good nations on the right, evil nations on the left….and on & on….

  6. Pastor was preaching on John 11: 1-16 yesterday. He said that we need to be concerned in all that we do for God’s Glory not our quilt. If then we connect right as said above it will be for God’s Glory. When asked to consider a number of choices like we see on networks – give to the starving, sick, cloth the poor from all nations our hearts are torn as we would love to give to all. Only God could possibly do that. We can only give the portion or connection Sara mentions that God gives us by which He/God can be glorified. He need to pray for God’s direction and not torn here and there by other’s opinions. Jesus was a master/role model of this. He did not let people sway Him on the event or the timing. Pastor explained that when Jesus delayed going to Bethany after hearing the news he did if with purpose and timing. In the Jewish custom it was believed that the spirit hovered around a body for three days and then it was gone. Jesus came back to Bethany to Lazarus who had been in the grave for four days, a hopeless situation to be raised from the dead. By calling Lazarus forth the people knew it was ONLY God who had done it. John 11: 4 …Jesus said, This sickness will not end in death, No, it is for God’s glory so that God’s Son may be glorified through it.” And so it was – Jesus was glorified and many believed (resting, falling upon) Him. The Pharisees were angered and began plotting to do away with Jesus.

    As we are plugged in by the hand of God with a God connector may God is glorified in His sovereighty.

  7. “…he did it with purpose and timing…” Those that I have observed that really walk in the Spirit always seem to know God’s purpose, are purposeful, and do things timely and orderly.

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