Posted by dawn collins on March 17, 2014

I realized about 3 weeks after New Year’s that I left a woodland Santa hanging by my pantry doors. It’s still there and I intend to leave him there until I take down Christmas again in 2015. The reason I’m saying this is because I just looked up and he caught my eye. I really like him. Oh my gosh, I don’t know about where y’all live but its so so so cold here! Calling for ice and snow and I just had the windows open again last week. And I’m freezing. And I have to run errands today…post office and grocery store. This week’s menus are (in no particular order): steamed cabbage with pinto beans, stewed or fried potatoes and homemade rolls; pan fried hot dogs with homemade slaw and chili and potato salad; slow cooker chicken pot pie stew with homemade bread; chicken and dumplings with green beans, salad and country white bread; french dips peppers and mushrooms served with seasoned potato wedges, thin steaks for pan frying and served with sticky rice and roasted veggies; eggplant parmesan with spaghetti and garlic bread. Right now I’m adding on to my grocery list by writing needed but forgotten items on my hand to be transferred to my list when I go back to my desk in the kitchen where my food book is and I might pick up some apples too. Our sprouts are getting so big so fast! I haven’t planted my herbs yet but I’m pretty sure I’m going to put a bag of potting soil in an old suitcase and plant the herb seeds directly into it! I’m so excited about it! I bet you could grow potatoes or onions or radishes that way too and not have to look for them in the garden! I love gardening! I love love love cooking fresh and organic and knowing we planted it and took care of it and now it’s feeding our family! That’s very satisfying just like the food itself. Wayne and I often think we should have been hippie artist farmers. We would like to grow Christmas trees too and pumpkins and have hay rides and hay bale throwing contests and sale our veggies and homemade salsas and preserves and jams and jellies and ciders from a tiny little general store on our property which would be in the mountains. Piper keeps getting on the mantle to steal the hand and arm Sky made from clay I don’t know she really seems to want it but she does. I just had to move it again. Now it’s hidden on my bookshelf…don’t tell her…Ok, so much to do today and my cup is empty of course, where does the coffee go? Y’all have a good day!  dawn 

Sara’s tag…I love having Dawn as a friend! I woke up on St. Patrick’s Day, 2014 with about 10″ of snow, or so I was told. And, more on the way!  My dear friend kept me from losing my joy with negative thoughts and words. I’m a seer so I saw each and every word she shared and my snow fit right into her Santa! Have a fun day with Dawn. And, don’t forget to visit and shop in her Esty shoppe!