List Maker

Prayer list, laundry list, to do list, bucket list, things to do, calls to make, grocery list, things I want to do, things I did! Weekly, monthly, yearly lists! Go lists!

Make my list, talk ad nauseam about list and lose list, rewrite list and post my lists!

Do you have lists? Where are they? Do they work? Do they entertain you? Inspire you! Tell us your list stories!

13 thoughts on “List Maker

    1. I too, make a list of things I must do/get/remember. I write it down and leave the list at the computer to run to the bedroom for something. Then in the bedroom I remember something else so I jot that down at my bedside….another thing??? Oh… Post it on my mirror in the bath. Run down to the Kitchen and remember something else or I see something in the kitchen that I need to replenish…jot it down on a little note pad & leave it on the counter. Now I have a note in the computer room, in the bedroom, in the bath, in the kitchen and mostly, none of them is a repeat of the other so that when I walk out the door to do my errands…I have forgotten & left all the little lists at home and pray with all my heart as I am driving to market that The Holy Spirit will remind me of the myriad of things that I have written all over the house. But amazingly when I do get to my destination, I stick my hand in my pocket and there it is! Oh Wow! Last week’s list. HELP!

  1. Speaking of lists: On the Insomnia Blog there is a list that I have [besides the eleven thank YOU’S to our Lord that Ivan Parker encouraged us to write] and that is the prayer list. That I put in my prayer journal and jot on papers that are kept in the Bible or other journals. That list can stretch across the nation …a nation that needs effective, intentional prayer. Our military men, our national security personnel, our children at schools all across America, the situation in the nations where Christians are being martyred, the Body of Christ…..and on & on…healing, deliverance, salvations, and on it goes.
    I guess one could say that this list reaches from here to eternity.

    1. I know that LIST whereof you speak! It means for me, taking every thought into captivity and every PROJECT into captivity to the obedience of Christ. I pray I remain on that LIST and not just by the “skin of my teeth”.

  2. “Do you have lists? Where are they? Do they work? Do they entertain you? Inspire you!”
    Yes, I have many lists. Lists of to do’s; to gather or get; to pray; to practice; to record, etc. Some personal lists are written in a journal, on a notepad that I carry with me, in my vehicle to refer to, in my office or on my computer. There are other required lists for my teaching job that I must keep to comply with the many regulations that go with this particular position. They help me to complete my duties and serve to keep me accountable. I would not say they entertain me. They do inspire me to do, but not necessarily to create, although some of my duties involve creating something like a floral design, etc.
    Additionally, I had not really fully realized how many different types of lists impact my life until I read and reflected on this blog and the comments.

    1. Now that I am no longer in school my lists have changed somewhat. No more lists of Faculty meetings, hall duties, myriads of rehearsals, etc. Now it’s about home repairs, changes, plumbers, cleaners, appointments and on & on. I look forward to the days ahead when the lists become fewer and fewer and…..ooops! I guess I won’t go there…yet!

    2. Great, Debi! I was mind surfing through my Bible and realized there are many list….And, consequences on not following the list (s). I need to stay mindful of to do or not yo do list. Being focused on my keys, teeth, glasses as the humor says might be a friendly reminder to keep them in place and then my lists will be joys and not always a flight seeker! Humor so often seems a mirror of truth! Well, I guess I need my glasses to see that.

  3. Yes, I do have a list, but mine is written on a calendar. I noticed a notepad the other day that had written on it: “an accomplished list”, interesting, I thought. 🙂

    1. Hooray, Tammy! Accomplished list! Answering prayers! Goals accomplished! Victories! I am loving list decorated with waving flags and dancing and food!

      I would like to dance around one on my lists….Piney Grove Fellowship Hall only weeks away from ribbon cutting. It was on prayer and to do list! I’m moving to ACCOMPLISHED!

    2. Ha Ha…LoL Tammy. I was just thinking about your “calendar phrase”. When I finally get them together, my lists are quite accomplished, too. Nice & neat, colored pens, starred, circled, numerically ordered……some could be works of art, sometimes. Now if I could just get to doing them!!!

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