Insomnia Help

Philippians 4:6 (NKJV) “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;…”

Has this antidote helped you to have a restful peaceful night giving way to a beautiful day?

8 thoughts on “Insomnia Help

  1. “Has this antidote helped you to have a restful peaceful night giving way to a beautiful day?”
    Yes, I believe it is God’s timely answer to prayer and his 3 step prescription for me. The reason I say this is because last night was a particularly tough night for me for insomnia which is a problem on many nights. I woke up asking the Lord for help with this and here it was on The Daily Lily. Though I do try to pray ion these night seasons, I am not always diligent and and this antidote tells me to do three things: redirect anxious, worrisome thoughts; replace them with supplication (literally may need to get out of bed and get on my knees for prayer; and numerate thanks (including the 11 things on previous blog that I promised to thank God for each day in sept). I believe as I diligently practice this both day but particularly in a wakeful night, it will be the antidote. Thank you Sara

    1. Glad to hear, Debi, you find some help in this suggestion. It sure has helped me much. I usually get up and send acknowledgment to God that I’m awake and delighted He wants to chat with me in the night hour. I sure chatted a bit about, you, MG, Rena and Tammy last night. I am thankful He heard!

  2. Thanks very much Sara. your perspective and attitude on ‘chatting with God’ is so refreshing and encouraging. It takes the anxiety out of insomnia and replaces it with something to look forward to instead.

  3. “Has this antidote helped you to have a restful peaceful night giving way to a beautiful day?”
    Yes, when I trust God to hear and answer my prayers. Thanks for reminding me of this scripture and for your prayers, Sara.

    1. You are welcome, Tammy! I have often heard it said, “Friends are like stars,they are always there even though we can’t see them”. Wow the”stars” come out at night and even peak in the day so often for me. I hope I am a shining star that faithfully shines even when friends sleep. And, friends at a distance and ones that are very busy I hope to shine in prayer for all of them! I just love looking up and seeing a night sky star filled. Imagine just might be our friends.

  4. Sometimes I think Satan uses the tactic of no sleep in a way we did not think or identify to him. Sometimes I knew I needed sleep when teaching, having been a public school teacher for many years, as a big day was ahead or there would be a big day coming up which I was excited about. Last night was one of those nights. BSF International was going to have their first official day. How exciting. No sleep but it came in the form of allergies – No allergy medicine would work. Itchiness prevailed every hour. Not thinking it was the enemy I tried to sleep but to no avail. I just prayed that God would be in my day and make me alert and have enough stamina to enjoy the day. He did. I have always done this and he seems to get me through each time. Next time I’m going to forget the allergy tactic or whatever tactic he tries and pray his tactics be apprehended and silenced so I can sleep. Thank you.

    Oh before I go I will thank God for personally waking me up and praying for people. He has often done that as well and all is well after praying and interceding for others brings sleep even if it is a power nap.

    Thank you for interceding for me. In children’s ministry they talked about following in Jesus steps and you had just told me the prayer for me was Paul following in Jesus steps and I in children’s ministry will do the same and then the children will do as well – following in the steps of Jesus. Wow!!! So need that even children can grasp this concept. Thank you for your midnight intercession.

  5. You know Sara, I have been playing my worship songs that I had written a while back and one of them that has stayed with me for the last few days has lyrics according to the psalm that go like this:
    “My eyes anticipate the night watches and I am awake
    Before the cry of watchmen, that I might meditate,
    Meditate on Your Word”
    I have been singing that for the last few days and now here is your blog describing almost the same scenario as David’s writings.
    You told me once that the fastest way to fall asleep if insomnia knocks at the midnight door is to start praying for others. I found that to be true. But I am so grateful that you get your prayers in early, for I have been blessed by your covering of prayers for issues and events in my life.
    I want to pray for others, also, who have weightier issues than mine and for our nation, and the troops and the missionaries and the martyrs and the lost and the Body of Christ and our nation. Is there any end? No wonder Paul says to “pray without ceasing” .

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