13 thoughts on “Do you Pout?

  1. My. Cousin on my Fathers’s side, Caine Craddock, posted this today! He made a comment how a picture is worth a thousand words! I’m not sure what he saw but my eye sight angle had a broad range when I scanned the field of people I know living much of their lives looking like a bull frog rather than spreading their eagle/angel wings and rising to heights to view the glory.

    Cain’s right a picture is worth a thousand words. Wonder how damaged my wings look to the flyers. I sure hope pouting is not my pleasure of using my lips! I looked up lips in the Bible and I think I need new color…..

    No, I don’t pout at my age!

  2. This quote gives me a perspective on pouting and brings it on home. In order to answer the question “Do you pout?”, I needed to look up pou,t particularly in relationship to this quote. What hit home for me were a few definitions I found:
    “to refuse to talk to people because you are angry or annoyed about something; a fit of sullenness”; “When you pout, you’re expressing annoyance or displeasure. It’s a sulky kind of gesture, one that involves a facial expression more than words — in fact, a pout is often accompanied by a moody silence.”
    Hmm, I don’t like making errors or striking out…that can send me into an introspective, negative spin. I was thinking of an acrostic for my POUT: portrays one’s ugly temperament. Bad Behavior! While I am groveling about my error and/or strike-out, another player makes a similar error, strikes out, but instead of pouting, keeps his head in the game, learns from his mistakes and goes out next time and hits a home run while I sit on the bench. So my reflection on this is ‘out with the pout’.

      1. In answer to your question, I thought I did answer it , but see it may have been too indirect by saying, ‘my pout’. To answer directly, yes, I pout. And that is a bad behavior that I am working on to change.

      2. Thanks for clarification. I thought you were giving us a dissertation on the dictionary definition of pout! I live in a world where yes and no’s help me a lot! Thanks for the answer and happy to see you take ownership of the obvious and working on it to overcome.

  3. To be honest, yes I have pouted at times in my life – sometimes a lot, but not a lot lately and I hope to goodness it has taken flight never to be seen again. I use to pout and hold everything within and play it over and over in my mind like a ferris wheel ride. On reflection it was always when I preceived someone had done or said something amiss or they actually did do something or said something unpleasant. I played the scenario over and over in my mind and it was played out in a walk around and around the kitchen table plus the ferris wheel of mind. I wonder how many missed opportunities I had in life with this futile circular, self serving, damaging thinking. It would been a lot better to have confronted the issues. I sure hope that I will make up for all the missed opportunities to serve my Jesus as I am a new creation, free in HIM.

  4. DO I pout when I strike out? Yep! Have done it and still sometimes do. When someone says something unkind or unflattering [and who do I think I am that I must be flattered???] That’s nothing but PRIDE. And we know what the Word of God says about that!
    My excuse has been at times, it’s better to show your displeasure with “the silent treatment” than blurt out a retort & give vent to anger. What a lie…a most un-Christlike attitude.
    I must have been sitting next to Rena on that big Ferris Wheel chanting over & over….
    “well, he said this and she said that” Blah Blah Blah. Yep…the old tapes running over & over.
    However, The Holy Spirit has been dealing with me as I mature, hopefully, to put aside childish ploys and to face situations like failures, strike outs, big fat mistakes, errors, misjudgments as an opportunity for repentance and a changing of attitudes and opinions to see beyond my little rose-colored world that some we create for ourselves in certain aspects to protect us from the glaring TRUTH!
    The unbecomingness of POUT should be a lesson to all of us over the age of Seven!

      1. Precisely! It is not a NEED it is an unbecoming habit of childishness [not childlikeness] but baby-stuff.

  5. On my study this am of Moses from BSF Intl. I found a quote from D.L. Moody which summarized Moses life of 120 years by saying “Moses spent 40 years learning something, 40 years learning to be nothing and his final 40 years proving God to be everything.” It would be horrifying to be stuck in stage one – always learning or stage two forever getting rid of self (pouting) and humbling yourself before Him, and yet never to experience the fullness God, stage 3 – witnessing of all HE has done in our lives and will do in everyones life to those who have a personal relationship with HIM.

    1. Good one, Rena. I guess when i pout [hopefully no more] I retreat to stage 1. Holy Spirit is working on me….still. I will to humble myself before the Almighty Hand of God. Thanks for this quote from D.L.

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