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  1. So amazing to me that Jesus knew our fallen state of sinfulness of man. Everywhere He looked He saw what sin was doing to man. He knew it all. Yet with so much sin in man HE decided He would go to the cross to pay for our sins. The sacrificial lamb – the final one. No one else could be pure enough. He Was Diety going to the cross for man. His blood shed like tears falling down from heaven for us and our sinful state. Through all the pain He was set in fulfilling ALL so that we could be freed from our sinful state forever. Pain, incredible pain but yet He did not call on the angels to release HIM. He was FOCUSED, totally focused that the people be SET Free from sin now and for eternity so just a few minutes longer, and just a few minutes longer, and just a few minutes longer until it was all over until He had accomplished FREEDEOM FROM SIN for the people He loved who could not do it for themselves. He was was the only way and He knew it – SO just a few more minutes and it would all be accomplished. Thank you JESUS.

    1. Rena’s overview of the crucifixion of Christ makes me think of the song we hear so often in church…”He knew me but yet He loved me…yet when she was on the cross I was on a His mind. “

    2. Rena, I am understanding from your comments that Jesus EMBRACED the cross out of love for and of the Father. And that the Father’s will was that a way was made for HIS children to come home to Him by the path of the shed blood of the martyred and risen Christ. What Jesus did for Love no other human, even as great as some are that have sacrificed their lives for freedom’s sake or for their faith….nothing compares to horror that Jesus Christ endured on the Cross for LOVE.

      1. Yes MG Jesus did it all out of love for the Father and perfect obedience to HIM. In my study the morning on BBN Bible Institute the speaker Howard Hendricks said that when we pray to God, make me like Jesus the test of obedience will come. To be like Jesus who had perfect obedience. That is the way HE makes us just like His son.

  2. Patti wrote in JOB STUDY, “It so teaches us the meaning of this life is to be faithful to God……not to place our happiness in material or even in the PEOPLE in our lives…”And Sara quotes John….”Jesus knew all men. He knew what was in man.” Jesus knew that only in God His Father could He place His complete and full trust…not even totally in His companions. Peter tried to dissuade Him from the cross. “Lord this shall NEVER happen to Thee” And then the rebuke… “Get thee behind Me, satan.” Or in His family… “Son! Why have you treated us so? Your father and I have been searching for you for three days.. And later, “Uh, Jesus! Your mother and brothers are here wanting to speak with you”….. For they had even come to take Him to put Him “away”.
    These were all “men” who supposedly loved Jesus….family, friends, companions, associates, holy men….and women…..”Martha, Martha!!!”
    No! The heart of man is desperately wicked; deceitful above all else, even deceiving oneself, the greatest deception of all. Who could possibly ever change the heart of man? “But,thanks be to God”…Paul tells Who can change the wretched heart. HE can…but only if we will allow Him to by His Holy Spirit.
    The time is getting short. I heard a prophet of God say that the gates of grace are slowly beginning to close for this end-time era. If we continue to repent and then sin and then repent and then sin….be careful that we will not come up short, like the five foolish virgins who came up short of oil. I’m just sayin’

    1. You are right MG on the trust. The scriptures in our verse says He didn’t trust people that wanted to follow Him after seeing the miracles. He knew they wanted the miracles but not Him. Our ? Do we love Him or only His benefits? I got correction recently from the Holy Spirit by telling people all the goodies without introducing them to Him…and, let them decide if they loved Him.

      1. Wow, that’s good, Sara. Only Holy Spirit could have put it that way…..”we tell our testimonies but then…does He belong only to US? I can just visualize Holy Spirit excitedly and eagerly jumping up & down within us….” MG, Introduce us! Please, Mg, Introduce Us!! I want you to ” Let Them decide if they love ME! ”
        Oh Thank you for the correction, Holy Spirit, to ALL of us.

  3. One version of the blog scripture above I read said Jesus “didn’t need any help in seeing right through them.”
    I think there are some people so surrendered to Jesus that they can see right through us too.
    Vs 24 says He “was wary of these believers.”
    Jesus sees who does and doesn’t have guile. He knew which disciple He could trust to take care of His mother. And He must have known there would be some followers trustworthy enough to call His ‘good and faithful servants’.

    1. Oh, that is the desire of our hearts that we would be found trustworthy and faithful enough to have Him speak those words to us when we stand before Him….as we all must do.

  4. I just listened to Dr. Howard Hendricks on a message entitled “The Final Exam”. He has since gone on to be with the Lord. He says that we should put on a 3 x 5 card these questions and keep with us where we see it all the time – Is the Lord well pleased? Is the work well done? and Is the WORD well USED? The answer to those questions will determine if you hear the words, “Well done you good and faithful servant.”

    1. In thinking and fairly grading by 3×5 card Dr. Hendrick’s speaks of I see if third ? dosen’t have a resounding YES, forget about ? 1 and 2 and the sentence grade of good! Would the failing grade say, I never knew you?

      1. “Would the failing grade say, I never knew you?”
        I would say, yes. I can be active, thinking I am doing the will of the Lord, but if I am not directed by God’s Spirit, then I am just spinning my wheels. This version from the Message in Matt 7:21-23 paints a blunt picture for me.
        “Knowing the correct password—saying ‘Master, Master,’ for instance—isn’t going to get you anywhere with me. What is required is serious obedience—doing what my Father wills. I can see it now—at the Final Judgment thousands strutting up to me and saying, ‘Master, we preached the Message, we bashed the demons, our God-sponsored projects had everyone talking.’ And do you know what I am going to say? ‘You missed the boat. All you did was use me to make yourselves important. You don’t impress me one bit. You’re out of here.’

  5. Sara, you got that right!
    Dr. Hendricks’s sure hit a cord with me. These are the last warnings, The “gates of Grace” will eventually close and there will be no more excuses or promises to the Lord to improve or become more mature or “do a better job” at what we have been assigned to be accomplishing for the Kingdom or even for the Christian life we lead before others.
    Not only will I be ashamed at that judgment time but I will have grieved the heart of the only ONE Who truly loves me and died for me. What a monstrous return on HIS glorious investment!! An ungrateful reciprocity for His gracious giftg to me the greatest gift of all creation….SALVATION.

  6. Yes what a sad day that would be without all the wonderful personalities that God has created that should be there when Jesus calls HIS kids together with the Old Testament people and the New Testament to see the place He has prepared for us. An eternity to get to know everyone and ask any question you want and to praise God for all He has done on our behalf. Will some dancers not be there, will some musicians not be there, will some builders not be there, will some crafters not be there, will some glass blowers not be there, will some jewelers not be there, will some engineers not be there, will some artist not be there. will some mechanics not be there, will some bakers and chiefs, and gardeners not be there. The list goes on and on. What a terrible thing for someone who iHe is calling , but who does not answer. God weeps and we too because of not getting to know you and how GOD made you. My friend, Mrs. Lil’s husband when dying said that He could see the other side so clearly and that GOD had so much love it was indescrible. – so big, so big he said. When trying to fill up the empty spaces of our lives with stuff it will never satisfy. – not drugs, not porn, not sex, not shopalcolism, not profection,not high degrees of all sotrs, not sin of any sort, not anything but God can fill the void in our lives. Come and fill up on Jesus. Let God talk to you through HIS WORD. And may the House of the Lord be filled that day with all of you.

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