Once again fall is almost here. How did it arrive on my doorstop so quickly? Seems I was just waving goodbye! Even the name Fall describes the activity of the season: falling leaves, falling temperatures, falling sap in the trees and fall-back time change.

One way to fall into Fall, is to change our gardens. Instead of watching your summer annuals die a slow death, remove them and plant colorful and hardy winter pansies that will brighten the cold days of winter. Add a mum or an ornamental cabbage or kale. There are beautiful ornamental grasses and fall perennials that will liven the fall days and come back to greet you next year.

If you are in the Leesburg, Virginia area, I invite you to visit Monroe Technology Center’s annual Fall Plant Sale. Our agriculture students will be happy to help you find a plant that is sure to help beautify your fall. And you will be helping provide scholarships for them. Wednesday, September 17, 10-6pm, Thursday, September 18, 10-6pm, Friday, September 19, 10-4pm.