Merry Christmas in Art!

This blog as well as many others we share on the daily lily are such Christmas and daily fun as well as peaceful to me when copied, clipped βœ‚οΈ and pasted in a non-lined journal πŸ“’ with art, (I use stickers) color pens, ✏️ crayons and highlighters. Finding all the peace, love, hope, words, how and where they connect and connecting them in action to others with words of encouragement, prayer, writing or just singing 🎡 them in the atmosphere and knowing they will fall like a snowflake ❄️ somewhere.

I count my blessings for being an artist 🎨 of words that penetrate πŸ“‘the atmosphere to change the atmospheric levels from gloom to bliss, sadness to joy, despair to Hope. My art will never hang on the walls of a NY museum πŸ—½ but πŸ‘€ πŸ”ŽπŸ”¦ your πŸ’œ and you just might find one hanging there! 🌈

8 thoughts on “Merry Christmas in Art!

  1. Well, Sara, you are acting much as your Father the Lord God Almighty Who created and wrote the very first Christmas card and tucked it into the pages of His Journal, the Word of God. He, too, painted and pasted and appliqued lovely things on the pages of His Journal. He drew pictures of a Baby in a manger. He made colorful paintings of Wisemen on camels and shepherds with little lambs all about. OH! The angels! Don’t forget the Christmas angels that HE not only had pressed into His book but Who had created them in the beginning.
    So I guess over all, you come by your gift…shall we say, ‘genetically’. You are just like your Father!

    1. πŸ’’s of the heart are special indeed as Rena has mentioned. MG, a great creative artisan we can try and emulate. πŸŽ„…🎁…πŸ”…the mystery!

      As I add to my art today my very favorite drawing is the little country πŸ’’! I always wonder how Spirit at times just rocks those little wood walls! πŸ’« I have hope that all that love His coming will receive a letter πŸ’Œ telling them of the promise of reward to be received for loving His return! πŸ‘‘

  2. I love the many gifts God gives to people to work in His Kingdom. Each is a treasure to value. I love the word that Sara gives out and writes. They always paint a picture of the Father’s heart to grow up a person, to encourage, and enables others to see the special character of God who loves them. I love MGsong’s gift of music played in the spirit which lifts you from the depth of sadness and also can lift you to the highest praise of the Father. What a beautiful gift. I have the gift of painting, creative games and words for kids, and sewing. I owe most of my skill in sewing on my mother who had the gift and my sister Jean.
    My mother also was a Sunday School teacher and I learned at her feet when I was
    in first grade and up. What a wonderful thing to share you gift with another and also to encourage someone in their gift.

  3. I love the art words and colored symbols of your blog, Sara. They paint pictures for me and I think it’s especially encouraging and powerful to know that the “atmospheric levels” are being changed by them and that a snowflake is making a difference in the life of someone this hour.

  4. Sara, you know you said above that your ‘art’ would probably never hang on the wall of a N.Y. museum. But I believe that it is hanging on the God’s Refrigerator in Heaven as He delights over each of His child Sara’s artistic offerings.
    I can just see Him showing Jesus what Sara has painted in her Rose of Sharon School of Learning class, today, and Jesus exclaiming over it.
    And as Father “muses” over your handiwork a great delight comes to the heart of God. That’s the only MUSE-um that is truly so highly valued.
    Oh! And maybe….just maybe…. you will see your artwork in lovely frames on the walls of your mansion in Heaven with an A+ grade marked on it by God’s Heavenly ‘red pencil’.

  5. “…connecting them in action to others ….”
    Looking at all the Christmas lights on trees, houses, and in landscapes seems to show the importance and beauty of this statement. Strings joining hands in connection and then plugged in to the power source provide Light and brilliance.

  6. Gifts given and gifts received. πŸ“‘ I received a big supply of stickers from our friend, Tammy Holton. She is the queen of stickers. And, she has supplied my new year with my art supplies. And, Rena sent pic pencils πŸ“ with writing pad. If you see πŸ“¬from me run because it will all be in stricker pencil code! πŸŽ“

    It’s time for 🍩🍦🍰

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