Rhythms Of Grace

Tonight as I was singing my prayers I had an awakening of Grace! Grace is rhythm and rhythm is grace.

The Rhythms of Grace are for dancing, singing and adorning The Throne of The King with beauty, dignity and boldness of faith. The writer of Hebrews chapter 4 verse six writes an invitation inviting us to come to the happening at The Throne of Grace. “Therefore let us confidently approach the throne of grace to receive mercy and find grace whenever we need help.” This gives me the faith to know there is wholeness at the feet of grace. For it’s there where mercy pardons our sins and grace purifies our soul. Aweee, where one sees grace one sees beauty and exactness.

I hope that some will join me in the dance of healing as our beauty adorns the King. Psalm 45; gives us the beat of the rhythm so let’s do as instructed in vs. 11 “Let the king be enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord.”
And, response; “You are the most excellent of men and your lips have been anointed with grace, since God has blessed you forever.”

Dance my friends dance! The rhythm of grace is bidding for your love as the waltz of your wedding song gently plays while you vow all the words from psalm 45! Let’s make Christmas 2014 a wedding feast to honor Our King!

Merry Christmas!

12 thoughts on “Rhythms Of Grace

  1. How delighted I am to be back in the arms of Jesus this morning as we continue our love song. I love old romantic musical movies. He sings she sings love songs to one another. Every human on earth can enjoy the songs of love sung in hope, grace notes and peace pursues. (Zephaniah 3:14-20) declared God would quiet our hearts with love as He mightily delivers us. In Advent, we Hold this Hope in our hearts!

    Peace, hope, love and grace to all as God sings over His world a melody of renewal.

  2. I’m just a sinner saved by Grace! But, oh, the love and freedom of living and breathing the love that inspires with passion each day. If you are not living your potential I hope you will seek Him out as the wise men of old and find and fulfill your destiny with great passion. Come along and discover the living nativity!

  3. I believe Jesus is a Preacher of righteousness and a SINGER! He is as His Father is….my Eternal, Paternal, Passionate Parent Who sings over me and gives me songs in the night.
    Oh, I wonder what the lyrics are!! Songs of deliverance as Sara mentioned in Zeph. 3….Love songs….like the song He gave me…First Love Waltz, where He sings..
    “I loved you long before you could know Me as Lord
    Before you were formed in your mother
    In secret chambers long before time began
    Oh how I loved you so.
    I loved you long before you could know Me, the Lord
    I wrote your name in the Book of the living God
    And now you love ME so, for all of eternity
    Long after time has passed away
    And before My throne, before all humanity
    Oh, how you’ll worship Me!.”

    One morning He awoke me with this song. What a thrill of blessing!
    So now at this Christmas tide and forever, I can sing “Come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord”, with the Body of Christ, before the Throne of Grace!

  4. I have never heard the phrase “Rhythms of Grace” but somehow as I read and say it over and over there is a healing balm.
    Having ridden horses for many years, I liken rhythm to the oneness of horse and rider moving together in a pattern or flow. When this happens there is much ‘beauty and exactness’ that you write about above, Sara, exhibited. In contrast, when there is no unity of understanding and communication between horse and rider, there is no rhythm, no gracefulness. It is painful to watch as a bystander and painful to feel as rider when this occurs which seems to be much the norm. Lots of disciplined training is involved in achieving a rhythm.
    When I read Ps 45, I saw evidence of lots of discipline on the part of the writer. “My tongue is the pen of a ready writer’ stood out to me…rhythm of tongue and pen made a composition of beauty and exactness for The King.

  5. Debi, that’s a good analogy and paints a vivid pic of ebb & flow. As I read your comment I visualized a horse jumping a hurdle with a disconcerted rider who is not in sync with his/her vehicle. It looks not only awkward but critical!
    I wonder could it be ”awkward and critical” to not be in sync & flow with what the Lord has written in His Word!

  6. I pause with a 💗 of gratitude to greet each one that stops by and enjoys a read with their coffee or tea…” Dear friend, I’m praying that all is well with you and that you enjoy good health in the same way that you prosper spiritually.” .”3 John 1:2 (CEB)

  7. See your name and those you pray for as the one….“…O favored one [endued with grace]! The Lord is with you! …”
    (Luke 1:28, AMP)

  8. Each day as I wait for Spirit to whisper in my ear, tap me on the shoulder or inner voice that says, wait, hear, listen, do; I feel the Divine Presence that vibrates within the circadian rhythms in all creation.

    Such moments have been recurring recently as I babysit my son, Christopher, and wife, Tammy’s new puppies. They are little Scots. They give me so many cherish moments of grace in my Scot-Irish Mother’s proud life. I feel one with earth, family of the past and present. Only an act of God’s grace could pulsate my love for all into this rhythm.

    Rocket and Bonnie are showing me how God’s love is laden with grace to reveal His love to all! I’m so happy to be a small part of learning from these two sages of wisdom!

  9. “I feel the Divine Presence that vibrates within the circadian rhythms in all creation.”
    As I read this statement of Sara’s and thought about it quite a bit last night, I seemed to become more aware of how much rhythm is a part of what surrounds and touches us. I liked hearing the rhythm of the rain drops hitting the outside sill; as I like certain rhythms in music or hearing waves lap against the shore; or thinking how dependent life is on the rhythm of the heart. And I began to really long to be in rhythm with God’s rhythm “that vibrates within the circadian rhythms in all creation.” To be in God’s rhythm must bring true wholeness.
    As I have felt particularly drawn to study the chapter, ‘Autumn Proves Us’, in Sara’s book “Designs of One’s Heart”, I found the following about what I perceive is the importance of having this rhythm.
    “And let us endeavor to study the Master’s art as His Spirit will help us continually develop our rhythmic vitality and we will move into our own creativity and this will ‘Prove Us’.

    1. It is so awesome to study or read something that one might not necessarily understand or its just not the season or age for and then one day your standing in the rhythm of or you are the rhythm. At age 8 I might have paper dolls that look a certain way, even drives a car and it’s a toy, a game. But, an 8 year old imagination could probably not drive a new shiny car. Then 8 more years behind the wheel and no thought at all about a paper doll. I really like the book and chapter Debi teaches from! “Spirit will help us continually develop our rhythmic vitality and we will move into our own creativity and this will ‘Prove Us’ Yay!

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