What makes you angry? What make you laugh! Is a smile laughter? Is angry a smirk? What mechanical devise flares inside of a human to light a fire or smoke a fire!

Sarah, of ancient times laughed from the thought of having a baby at age 90. God laughed at foolishness of man? Cain became angry with his brother and death for another ensued. Jesus became angry and had a temple fight.

I really don’t know if our sign below is true or not as it has no tag from where info came. But, when I saw it this am it sure got my attention to pay attention. I thought it would be interesting to tell our stories of laughter or angry or both?

My greatest laughter thought comes from the taste of coconut pie on my tongue. Even the thought of a coconut makes me laugh because my mind travels back to memories of childhood with a chisel and hammer fighting with a hairy brown hard shell to release the greatest taste I had or have ever had. Hum, and my brother stealing my coconut as it was his joy also gave me a little fire of angry. YAY, let’s hear your story!