Laughter or angry?

What makes you angry? What make you laugh! Is a smile laughter? Is angry a smirk? What mechanical devise flares inside of a human to light a fire or smoke a fire!

Sarah, of ancient times laughed from the thought of having a baby at age 90. God laughed at foolishness of man? Cain became angry with his brother and death for another ensued. Jesus became angry and had a temple fight.

I really don’t know if our sign below is true or not as it has no tag from where info came. But, when I saw it this am it sure got my attention to pay attention. I thought it would be interesting to tell our stories of laughter or angry or both?

My greatest laughter thought comes from the taste of coconut pie on my tongue. Even the thought of a coconut makes me laugh because my mind travels back to memories of childhood with a chisel and hammer fighting with a hairy brown hard shell to release the greatest taste I had or have ever had. Hum, and my brother stealing my coconut as it was his joy also gave me a little fire of angry. YAY, let’s hear your story!


7 thoughts on “Laughter or angry?

  1. Smell of coffee in morning really makes me laugh! Lol I am vinegar cleaning my coffee pot right now hoping to laugh in the am. But, that vinegar smell not so appealing but thinking that this blog is watching me I started laughing about my vinegar. Gee, what is it with me? The aroma of anything that might find its way to my tongue gets a laugh.

  2. What makes me laugh? Well one of the “Funnest”” laughs I have had in the past few days is watching the ”gait”..[don’tknow if that’s a term used for doggies’ walk besides horses] but I will use it for want of the correct word if there is one….the classy gait of two thoroughly divinely bred Scottie dogs and their excellent form and lines. That just fills me with gladness at their beauty and since they are so precious and darling…I want to say that they don’t know how gorgeous they really are…but I am not sure of that….maybe they do…lol……but I cannot help but l o l at their ability to fill me with that spontaneous joy…. the kind that annoys some people. But I can’t help it.
    Anger….well, I make myself angry when I have committed in my heart to do or not do a certain thing anymore or start doing a certain thing. When I fail and find myself doing or not….it makes me ….angry….mad…in the vernacular at myself
    Also arrogance angers me. arrogance in another and arrogance in myself. It surprises me…..what I mean is I surprise myself when I display arrogance. I dislike it in others and certainly don’t condone it in myself. So then…repentance follows. It’s such a waste of time. Not the repentance but the arrogance. No one believe you anyway when you are arrogant ….thus it wastes their time and yours !

  3. One thing that makes me laugh is my American bulldog when he excitedly greets me and prances and twirls around around or jumps on the bed when I am there and gives me a big affectionate lick or does a few other of his enjoyable antics. When he eats or does something he shouldn’t, it makes me angry. Seeing beautiful things in nature and animals and plants makes me smile (I think a smile can be laughter because you can laugh aloud or laugh inside). When these things are abused or misused I feel angry. Also, listening to someone like Sara tell (or write) a joyful or funny story makes me laugh.

  4. I’m not happy when I go to the store to get a frozen coke on a hot summer day and the machine is DOWN.😬 It’s funny when I discover the pen I was looking for…… behind my ear.😜 . Maybe there could be some truth to the above sign?……..
    Proverbs 17:22New International Version (NIV)
    “A cheerful heart is good medicine,
    but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

  5. Yah, Tammy. A merry heart doeth good, huh!!
    On another ‘ thoughtful note’…some things that make some people laugh or smile…..may not be so funny or smiley-faced to another sector of the people.
    I guess sensitivity to where some people are in life at any given time is a good rule of thumb. Sara showed us that recently.
    Also, although, in one’s own personal thoughts it may have some humorous application….that may not be the case, universally which I take to mean….”Be careful little lips, what you say.” Try a little tenderness….like Jesus. Tenderhearted above all things and put on the cloak of compassion as true followers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. His wounds are NOT FUNNY.

    1. “some things that make some people laugh or smile…..may not be so funny or smiley-faced to another sector of the people.
      I guess sensitivity to where some people are in life at any given time is a good rule of thumb.” Good information to remember.Thanks for sharing MG.

      1. We have so many joyful, happy, beautiful things in our eye and ear gate to enjoy and make merry with laughter that it seems we don’t need another’s hardships, hurts or disadvantages to make us laugh.

        A frozen coke, chocolate cake or bee on my nose or doggies outsmarting me makes a day with more excitement and laughter than using my joy to potentially harm another.

        Just seems to me Jesus knew that breaking break together and sharing food from house to house had a brand of joy beyond the ugly and hurtful. We are told what to think on in Philippians and they are the beautiful things of life.

        Have we paused to think that we might have a heart gage that monitors the attitude of mind and heart that shows just who we really are by the things that make us laugh.

        I seem to laugh myself into energy when I hear a bull frog croaking for hours. He must be worn out playing his pump organ for me! And, don’t forget to laugh when a pesty bug is outside your window sees your light and wants in to taste your flesh and blood. Our windows are great weapons against the bug bites. I also laugh out loud when I look through the same window and see a blue bird, red bird and a sparrow or two. Yes, color from heaven is my greatest out loud laughs! πŸ€”πŸ™ƒπŸ˜³β˜”οΈπŸŒ»πŸ£πŸ™πŸΈπŸΏπŸ‡πŸˆπŸ©πŸ•πŸ•Š

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