5 thoughts on “Growing Old

  1. I read this story about a 90 plus lady living in assisted living. ; “Ava’s hands got too stiff and her eyes too dim, she became discouraged. Then one day she noticed that the small packets of crackers beside each place in the dining room often went uneaten. When she began to collect the packets, her friends noticed and began saving them for her. After she filled a bag, she would call a church member to take it to the community food pantry.”

    1. 90 years old , needing assistance with living, and this lady was still thinking of others. Seems this 90 year old leaves a good example for me to follow. ✝

  2. I agree Tammy. And her story also reminds me about the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000 and then telling His disciples, “Gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted.” She was a good steward.

  3. Sara, your story about Ava demonstrates the little things that count in the Kingdom of God. We think, sometimes, we’re supposed to build a big ministry, a big church, go on missionary journeys to the Amazon jungles; write a volume on the Book of Revelation; Yet the prosperity of the Kingdom is in the number of souls that will draw us toward the fullness of the Bride of Christ. This is especially good news for the seniors of the Body of Christ. These are the small, seeming insignificant acts of kindness that do not call for gargantuan strength, won’t put arthritic knees or backs out of joint, or fingers on a keyboard playing AMAZING GRACE for the umpteenth time; or the prayer offered up for a sorrowing person in a wheel chair at a nursing home. Yes…These, the simple acts Many good deeds are done in this world, still…despite the darkness…but the only ones that will count at the Bema Seat of Christ will be the ones done with a sincere heart of love for our neighbor to bring glory to God.

  4. Some of us know the song well, “Little is much when God is in it…” Feeding the poor is one thing we believe He is in. As MG said, we might not be doing it the same way that we might have a few years ago but the promise of remaining lush and fresh is refreshing , don’t you think?

    The green flourishing tree in our photo remains green and flourishing year after year. It has it roots in the home town of Jesus. This tree and others like unto it has bragging rights of being some of the oldest living trees alive! Pilgrims in large numbers make a pilgrimage often to gaze upon this tree and wonder; were you here when Jesus was only a young boy? Oh, green glorious tree you give us reason to remind ourselves of the teachings Jesus left us to invoke to live our age at all times in joy and appreciate our beauty while proclaiming You are our Rock! Yes, you are concerned about all areas of life including age and gray hair.

    I also love how creativity was still blooming in Ava’s life into her 90’s.! 💖

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