CIMG0673“For the LORD Most High is awesome. He is the great King of all the earth.” Psalm 47:2

When I was a young girl I would often swim in this very place. I was even baptized here as a teenager. It captured my imagination then and has never ever faded but only intensified my mindful and thoughtful moments.

In thinking today, I ask myself what one thing has this body of water with its many facets of a body taught me? I would have to answer; “For the LORD Most High is to be feared, A great King over all the earth. He subdues peoples under us and nations under our feet.…” Psalm 47:2,3 (NAS) The sun, 🌞the moon, 🌚the stars,🌟💫 the winds and the movement of the  ‘Albermarle Sound’ answers to no man or woman. But, yet the Lord most high knows the intricate working of each of these untouchable created beauties.

I would like to invite you to stroll with me on the shores of creation and inhale the awesomeness of God and exhale in words of joy that He is the great King of all the earth.

Then place the president to be of the US in the setting of the sun and share how small or how large all this rhetoric from pundits, media, candidates, politicians, friends, family and churches loom in the Eye that has been set in both the rising and setting of the sun.  🌕🌖🌝🌛🌜🌞🌓