His Word Manifested

CIMG0673“For the LORD Most High is awesome. He is the great King of all the earth.” Psalm 47:2

When I was a young girl I would often swim in this very place. I was even baptized here as a teenager. It captured my imagination then and has never ever faded but only intensified my mindful and thoughtful moments.

In thinking today, I ask myself what one thing has this body of water with its many facets of a body taught me? I would have to answer; “For the LORD Most High is to be feared, A great King over all the earth. He subdues peoples under us and nations under our feet.…” Psalm 47:2,3 (NAS) The sun, 🌞the moon, 🌚the stars,🌟💫 the winds and the movement of the  ‘Albermarle Sound’ answers to no man or woman. But, yet the Lord most high knows the intricate working of each of these untouchable created beauties.

I would like to invite you to stroll with me on the shores of creation and inhale the awesomeness of God and exhale in words of joy that He is the great King of all the earth.

Then place the president to be of the US in the setting of the sun and share how small or how large all this rhetoric from pundits, media, candidates, politicians, friends, family and churches loom in the Eye that has been set in both the rising and setting of the sun.  🌕🌖🌝🌛🌜🌞🌓



4 thoughts on “His Word Manifested

  1. Thank you Sara for writing this and I accept your invitation to ‘stroll with you…” and for making the opportunity possible to share in placing “the president to be of the US in the setting of the sun…”
    What an awesome ‘movement of the ‘Albermarle Sound’ you have described. It is very encouraging.

    1. Welcome Debi. And, the welcome mat is always set GO on the shores of creation. Early this am I went out my front door to greet our two awesome Scotties, Bonnie and Rocket, that greets me as I’m the only important person left in this amazing world! I was greeting above our heads with the perfect setting of a Harvest moon. The blue aura was in conversation with eye Eye of God whispering there is always Hope. I heard a choir of angels singing the old hymn:
      Whispering Hope,
      Soft as the voice of an angel
      Breathing a lesson unheard
      Hope with a gentle persuasion
      Whispers a comforting word.

      Wait, till the darkness is over
      Wait, till the tempest is done
      Hope, for the sunshine tomorrow
      After the darkness is gone.

      Whispering hope,
      Oh how welcome Thy voice
      Making my heart
      Any sorrow rejoice.

      If in the dusk of the twilight
      Dimmed be the region afar
      Will not the deepening darkness
      Brightin’ the glittering star.

      Then when the night is upon us
      Why should the heart sink away
      When the dark midnight is over
      Watch for the breaking of day.

      Whispering hope,
      Oh how welcome Thy voice
      Making my heart
      Any sorrow rejoice…’

      So much hope, joy and peace in the Eye of the Lord.

      1. So encouraging and uplifting to know you heard the angels singing this hymn this am!
        As Psalm 29 reminds me, “the voice of the Lord is powerful”.

  2. Sara, Ah….lovely Albermarle!! The thrill of it as I remember the baptisms you and Gary performed in the Sound on those spectacular days of Summer Tent Meetings. How they came, they renewed their commitments to Jesus Christ; they brought their families. They cried out to the Lord for salvation… and the ‘Sound’ became the “Pool of Bethesda” that healing pool to those who were baptized during that wonderful time of harvesting of souls
    Speaking of Harvest… your waning Harvest Moon that greets you in the morning accompanied by the joyful yips and yaps of those delightful little creatures, Bonnie and Rocket…..that God created out of His Right Hand….. that is music to my ears also. And the angel choirs you heard remind me of the words to one of my favorites..
    HOLY HOLY HOLY,..”Early in the morning my song shall rise to THEE!!
    Yes! You are receiving that blessing Jesus speaks about…. David writes about…Early in the morning ….the SOUND of the Hymn of lovely Creation at your door.

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