Try this recipe for Thanksgiving

My church, Countryside Church of Christ
100 Countryside Dr, Edenton NC
(252) 482-3788

shared this recipe with our congregant on Sunday. I wanted to share with all and give each and everyone a big shout out to visit us when you’re in town. Or, if you’re local and looking for a friendly Bible teaching church we would love to have you visit us. Happy Thanksgiving to all! ✝💜 Tammy


8 thoughts on “Try this recipe for Thanksgiving

  1. I love the Word mix as well as the Word results. When we read, learn, understand, meditate, memorize and obey the outcome is delicious.

    Thanks Tammy for the invite. I would love to visit your church sometime when in area.

  2. Tammy, this sounds like a recipe that never fail. If we all had a slice of this Scripture cake every day our souls would become fat and our hearts joyful. Sounds like a great diet to be on. We’d never want to fast from this diet Thanks for the great recipe to add to our collection.
    Your church sounds like it must be one ”be-happy-attitude” kind of congregation!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your recipe, Tammy. It was good to read the scriptures and think on them…so much in them to be thankful for. And thank you for the gracious invitation to your church…if in your area, I would very much like to visit.

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