A loving daughter writes about her Mother, “We almost lost her.  She had colitis and then found out some of her intestines had died. She had to have emergency surgery.”  (See photo below) She goes on to give thanks to all that prayed. Which includes  some of you. You, as part of the lily story  always giving hope, peace and joy shared this beautiful basket of love. It arrived on their 66th wedding anniversary. See him on the phone? Just imagine the call of love he was making. I had to smile as this love story continues to unwind. She hadn’t eaten for over a week but those goodies her sweetheart ❤️️ shared sure set her heart afire.

They have been through many storms. Just to many to name. They have pastored and built churches. They struggle with health issues as they journey through their 80’s. They are linked in Heart by the giver of life. She, like her Dad and brother have always been ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus, being the reason we celebrate Christmas. Her beloved husband always by her side. He is a rock seemly cut from The Rock.

As I pause and gaze upon her loving hands so happy to hold her husbands face once again I am reminded that all of us can have the hand of God holding us in all our ups and downs of life. Christmas is a great time to share stories that are story just because Jesus was born.

Again, we give thanks to each lily for being a part of many stories in 2016.