Justice in our inward

“A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out. In faithfulness he will bring forth justice.”- Isaiah 42:3 (NIV) I have often read, quoted, and meditated on these words penned by this famous , historic prophet. I could never quite bring a visual shot of this in view.

Recently I read in a devotional; “Early civilizations developed methods to transform reeds into paper, papyrus, and also to weave them into baskets, mats, and rope. Reeds were functional and beautiful. In contrast, a bruised reed was not beautiful and appeared to be useless.”

I can’t seem to get this concept by this writer out of my thinking. I love woven baskets and some of them are quite pricy and skillfully made. Just imagine I order a beautiful pricy hand woven basket online. I wait with great anticipation and excitement thinking of the many uses of this basket and deciding on a perfect use and the day comes and I see Fedex at my door. 👏🏻💃 I open and a reed from my basket had been damaged in its travels?  💡

6 thoughts on “Justice in our inward

  1. …”and the day comes and I see Fedex at my door. 👏🏻💃 I open and a reed from my basket had been damaged in its travels? 💡”

    I don’t think you would be very happy because the damage may cause it to be no longer useful for the ‘perfect use’ that you ordered and intended it for. So, I guess you would return it for refund and get a replacement.
    :A bruised reed he will not break” …maybe this means that God would not even bother breaking it off its ‘grass’ clump to use in a basket it if He saw it was already bruised and damaged…just leave it in the field…

  2. I went back and found more from the writer on this scripture…”Similarly, a bruise on our skin is a visible sign of injury. We can see the bruise, but the damage is deeper. I am bruised because I bear the mark of sexual abuse. But the words from Isaiah quoted above brought me peace and understanding; Jesus is a gentle and compassionate savior. Jesus understands loneliness and physical pain. He has felt the sting of injustice. With empathy and understanding, Jesus bends down to us and tends to the bruised reed. He will not snuff out our faith even when it flickers. He promises also that in time, he will faithfully bring forth justice.Jesus noticed me and recognized that I was fragile. Because of Jesus, I may be bruised, but I am not broken.” Jennifer Dudding (New South Wales, Australia)

  3. Thanks for sharing the video link, Sara! Really expressive and beautiful.
    For me, I think it really illustrates and confirms what you wrote above regarding Isaiah 42:3.

  4. I believe in mind-visual approach (my way of doing things)….I have an artistic thought and to grow my thought I find an image to correlate with my thinking and before I know it I’m living it as if it were always mine.
    I just approached the words of our story here from Isaiah 42:3 in this way. I heard the words in my thinking. A devotional (which I shared above) gave me a kinda of dot to dot drawing of a basket. I had a healthy desire to want a basket to hold my new teas among other things. Then a friend shared the video. And, I thought I would like to participate in supporting those that weave out of pain and need and show they have risen with healing in their wings.

    Within hours I was enjoying a mountanious countryside lunch in a growing thriving farm market where spiritual beings are healing and rising with healing in their wings. Bingo?Guess what? An African Woven Basket promoting culture and sustainable living. My friend Debi purchased for me and my friend MG purchased coconut among other items I needed to make my basket complete.

    Within hours it is in my home serving me strength, beauty and motivation as I attune my ear to hear another God Given thought.

    My hope and prayer for each of us we will find our authentic self in new ways with stronger wings for 2017! Happy 2017!

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