8 thoughts on “The Holy Hills are Calling Me

  1. Beautiful singing! And what a great video by Chris! I love the drone flight and how it illustrates the verse in the song, “I’ll take my flight like a mighty eagle”…

    1. Thanks to Sara for bringing this project together, It happened so fast, Chris topped it off with the video!

  2. This song written by Dottie Rambo and sung by her and other greats never sounded better than this trio. My husband says he agrees. Those there just have it! 💞

  3. Chris I love the way you did the picture, this is the first time I’ve seen it !!!Awesome ! Lois & Mary you did a beautiful job singing!!! TheDailylily there is no words to express how much I love an appreciate each an every one of you, thanks for every thing ,may God bless you back in a mighty way! I hope someday I can be a special blessing to your group!!! I love you guys !!!!!!

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