4 thoughts on “Mary Grace Henry

  1. MG was a constant part of my life in many ways over many years. For over 20 years she played piano and I played guitar at church together. We travelled with our church and played. India was one of our highlights together. She played anywhere-anytime. I could not read a note of music and did not know what key to sing in. MG faithfully and patiently wrote out guitar chords for me for hymns and choruses alike and kept the singing on track. Even during her last months of life while at Heritage Hall music was still part of who she was. A couple of times she used a keyboard (that she had borrowed to practice with for a 4th of July concert there) to play favorite songs from memory that we had sung together for many years, with me joining in on the guitar. Those are some of my special memories. I will greatly miss her.

  2. When a family of God member leaves us for their Eternal home we often find ourselves wondering what are they doing now? There is a lot of mystery that surrounds our wondering. We have a promise by faith we can be sure of, “absent from the body is present with the Lord” 2 Corin 5:8 But, I still wonder is MG playing a big white grand piano? That was her dream!

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