Lord are you there?
Are you there….
Please bend down and hear my prayer.

Lord my heart is breaking
The tears continuously flow
Please bend down and hear my prayer.

I remember the story of Moses and how you bent down and heard their prayer of brokenness.
Please bend down and hear my prayer.

As I continued to cry out for help, the Lord spoke to me. I am in your sorrow. I will hold your hand through it all. My peace I will give you. My presence will surround and my arms will hug you. Then you’ll know I’m with you through it all. I’m always here, right beside you and I have heard your prayer.

Again, I cried, but it was because of God’s great LOVE for me.
Let all that I am Lord
Praise your holy name
May I never forget what you did
at Calvary

Because of my faith in you oh Lord
I have been forgiven
I praise you with a thankful heart
You are my Lord and King of Kings.
You saved me that day at Calvary
of all my sins

Now all is done here on earth
Heaven’s doors are open wide for me
I enter in and fall at your feet
Worshiping and praising you

How glad I am that I put my trust and faith in you!!!
Now I’ll be with you forever.
Hallelujah, and Amen! and Amen
Thank you for saving a sinner like me.

Wont you let Jesus into your heart today?
You will never regret it!!!!!