Lord you are my rock and my fortress.
I have found you listen to me
and you draw me close to you
You have loosed the chains that bound me
that nearly squeezed the life out of me
You are my hope and salvation
Please Lord never leave me.

Lord you have been my strength and protection
I thank you every morning for what you have done for me
I thank you for the storms of the past which have
Drawn me into a closer relationship with you
and at the same time have molded me into the person I am today.
I tell everyone what you have done for me
whether they want to hear or not.
Please Lord never leave me.

Lord now that I’m old
What beautiful memories I have had with you and continue to have..
The verse I have played over and over in my head is from Genesis 50:20
“What others intended for harm, God intended for good.”
Being old enough on this journey of mine,
the storms have caused me to dependent on God and as he never fails me.
I now have begun to ask the Lord, “What are you trying to teach me in this storm?”

Please Lord in this season of life, I say again:
Never leave me. I need you every hour.