My dear friend of NC posted this story of her church on FB. I xxx’s out the name of churches. Why, because we are seeing this often in many places. It happened to our church. We had our glory days of what we loved as church much like described here. This makes some of us wonder how to define today’s church?  Changes all around us. How do we move forward? 

“Today is a day that we’ve known for sometime was inevitable, and today was that sad day! We had our last regular Sunday worship service at xxx UMC! The reason: Too few people! One questions why oh why? Did we fail God? Did we not do enough? I’m sure the answer to those questions, at times, has to be a resounding yes! On the other hand, is it a sign of the times in which we’re living? That too, has to be answered yes. Church attendance in our nation is way down and many churches are closing. The members are older, with few or no young people. We have one 17 year old and the next youngest are 60 plus! 

We have watched young family members move away, members die, and members just leave! 

We see many people in our community not attending church anywhere or anytime? little children playing in the yard on Sunday morning!

If there ever was a time we all need to be in Church, it is now!

The UM Conference gave us two choices: close the doors and go our separate ways, or merge with another Church.

We are blessed in that we have a Sister Church, xxx with whom we share our minister. The official merger will not take place for a while, but we decided that it is in the interest of both congregations to begin worshipping together, and that will begin next Sunday.

We look forward to worshipping and serving with our new Church family! We are excited about the new opportunities we will have to worship and serve while promoting God’s Kingdom here on earth! 

TO God be the Glory!”